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Psstt… here's how to make the most of London’s gastronomy this summer

8th Jul 16 6:07 am

Enjoy London’s Flavour of summer

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Simon Denton, chef director of award-winning caterers Zafferano Catering Ltd gives his top tips and insider knowledge on how to make the most of London’s gastronomy this summer.

Eating Out

My advice is to treat yourself, I think it is always worth raiding the piggy bank for an experience. Uber-chic new establishments like Sexy fish or Tom Sellers new venture Restaurant Ours, are definitely the places to be seen at the moment.

Despite the glitz and glamour of these places, I am happier experiencing eateries that are conceived by a small collective of friends/colleagues which are often a little more understated. These restaurants combine experience and passion with a huge desire to share their vision with London’s foodies, who are relentless in their search for something new.

Places like Native in Covent Garden serving pigeon kebabs and southern fried rabbit or Kitty Fishers in Mayfair serving excellently cooked, classic ingredients in a very unfussy environment are my go-to places.

Shop ‘til you drop

During the warmer months of the UK spring and summer I think we should all try to support our local markets/producers. You are far more likely to find a sun-ripened, flavoursome tomato or a luscious, fragrant plum that has been quality assured by the touch and look of someone whose livelihood depends on the quality. London is choc-full of farmers markets where you can find some outstanding produce.

Smoke and sizzle

I would be lying if I said there is anything better than over-indulging on charred red meat and the odd tuna steak served on the rare occasion when time, weather and your friends (having the last minute availability due to the weather forecast) coincide!

However, there are some pretty good Hemsley and Hemsley style vegetable burger recipes and tasty vegetable treats which offer a delicious alternative for non-carnivorous guests.

Inspired ingredients

The ‘humble’ vegetable is no longer so humble, more of a true British underdog rising, we are all aware of the juicing and vegetable smoothies culture, souping, spiralizing or even ‘steaking’ vegetables! I’m pretty sure I’m not in the minority when I say I think the once feared ‘healthy vegetable sides’ are fast becoming the main event of the dinner plate.

For the more adventurous… whether it be cocktails (the pea mojito) steak and chips (chargrilled cauliflower steak and truffled polenta fries) to something posing as a key lime pie… but is actually spinach and avocado dairy free cheesecake!

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