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Prospective investment opportunities in the online market

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8th Jun 20 2:56 pm

While for a long time seen as a monolith and a tool rather than an industry of itself, the online market has re-established itself as a viable investment opportunity. New online products and services are no longer just an auxiliary for physical manufacturing, but a market with its own demand and even supporting industries.

Additionally, the supporting role or even the basic infrastructure that is now offered for some services online has become even better. By all accounts, most of our trade, purchases, and many of the services will be done online in the future.

But, where the internet really shines, and where it becomes a purpose for itself, is in providing entertainment. Aside from movies, music, and television shows that are now slowly changing to be streamed only, there is also an increasing number of online games, including online casino games and adult games, that draw in billions of users and customers every year.

Localised drop-shipping

It was simply a question of time when huge commercial chains like Walmart will get their counter-balance. Instead of having multiple manufacturers and one retailer to rule them all, with drop-shipping, the roles are reversed.

Namely, one physical manufacturer will offer their services to designers and salespeople to produce the items they imagined and ship them wherever they want. This opened a whole new world for custom and niche products that probably wouldn’t have a market otherwise, but have become a smash hit.

By using the excess manufacturing capabilities in China and SouthEast Asia, a designer marketing to the US and Europe can make millions, without ever laying hands on their own product.

Online gaming and entertainment

Not only a huge market today but also one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, online gaming is a delight to both players and investors. But, there are some aspects of this industry that a smart investor will be able to exploit, and to everyone’s benefit.

Primarily, the specificity of this market is that it is rather well informed. There is little chance of a successful product if it is inferior to something already existing on the market, and that chance will only fall as time passes and more players have invested time with the competitor.

A much better opportunity is to invest in well-produced and well-envisioned products that will draw in its particular share of the market without trying to pander to everyone. Although this type of unapologetic media production is more suitable for bullish investors, it is generally a safer choice than trying to keep everything G-rated.

And, with a rise of 17.5% per annum, the online gaming market will be certain to accommodate everyone who is willing to come up with a solid product.

Globalised online gambling

Online gambling was experiencing a stable rising trend for years, with new operators and games being introduced regularly. Apparently, it only needed a little push to skyrocket and become the biggest growing industry in 2020. With the cancelation of the biggest sporting events, and thereby betting on those events, millions of players moved to online gambling.

In the first half of 2020, this market grew more than 40%, with much of the users being first time players in an online casino.

For specificity, online live casino games have grown the most, hosting classical items like poker, blackjack, and roulette. Most players surveyed report that the interaction with other players, as well as good visuals, are what draws them in to play.

Emotional and mental support

Somewhat segueing from the previous point, crossing a large chunk of the human existence in the digital world might not have been all beneficial. There is a growing need for counseling, as well as mental and emotional support, which is now often provided online.

While this need might be a direct consequence of spending a lot of time online, there is also a possibility that these issues were always present but are just now visible to both the mental health experts and those who need that help.

Possible clients don’t only include those in search of explicit psychiatric or medical help, but emotional support as well. In many cases, people are willing to hire someone who is willing to listen and give positive feedback, especially when it comes to survivors of traumatic events, who reportedly prefer speaking to someone who has had the same experiences.

Out-call medical services

This point might sound as reserved to the high-end market, but the needs of those working remotely, or simply living outside of areas where it is easy to access medical services, did open a significant mid-range market for doctors and medical professionals willing to make a private call.

Additionally, a checkup and consultation can be done remotely over video-chat, and any results can be sent via email or smartphone app. This cuts the time for any individual visit and makes the service more affordable to a larger number of people.

Although major operations can’t be easily performed this way, minor health-related issues, as well as regular treatment administration can benefit greatly from new providers of these online-assisted medical services.

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