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Pregnant at the office: Strategies for a pleasant day at work!

by Sarah Dunsby
21st Dec 22 12:56 pm

Some women go through pregnancy better than others. But no matter how you feel throughout this important part of your life, there are strategies that you can adopt, which will make your life better at work. Here are a few that you should keep in mind.

Dress accordingly

This is certainly the most important element to take in account. When you are pregnant, you need to wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable. Thinking that you need to look good, first and foremost, would be a horrible mistake. You would end your days completely destroyed physically, and you would suffer through every second of it. Today, we live in a world that is much more aware of people’s needs, and everyone respects them. Wearing maternity clothing only makes sense, and it will enable you to be much more efficient with the work that you have to do.

Talk with co-workers who have lived through it before you

There is nothing better in life than experience. If you do not have it yet, then you need to look for those that do. They will be able to provide you tips and suggestions, in order to make this period easier, while you are at the office. You may think that there is nothing that you can do better, but the truth is, there is always someone that has thought of a trick or two, in this situation, that you haven’t. When you learn about them and use them for yourself, you will realise that there are, indeed, ways to make life at work easier, when you are pregnant.

Listen to what your body has to say

Most of us push our body beyond its limit, at work. Sadly, it has almost become the rule, if anyone wants to succeed in the office. However, it may be a great strategy to extend yourself when you are able to do so, but quite the opposite when you are pregnant. There is nothing wrong with sitting more often, or going to the bathroom more regularly. You may also find yourself thirsty or hungry more often than before. You can’t let these sensations pass you by, without doing anything about them. Respond to your body needs by taking the necessary actions, whenever it is needed. You may also require some time to rest, more than once during the day. Do not keep going when you start having the sensation that it is time to stop for a while. Sit or lay down (if you can) for 15 minutes. You will feel much better when you get up and ready to go again.

Discuss the situation with your manager

For the time that you are pregnant, accommodations should be made for you. You need to talk about it with your manager. And if you are not satisfied with what is being done, don’t hesitate to go one step above. Rare are the individuals that don’t have empathy for a pregnant woman, but when you have one in your way, there is nothing wrong with stepping over them.

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