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Possibly the two best stocks to buy for hurricane season

20th May 24 10:31 am

We are now edging closer to hurricane season. Usually, when you hear about hurricanes, you think of high winds and rain that destroy property and livelihoods. While that’s true,

hurricanes also present an opportunity to make massive profits like some companies do during this period.

  • With hurricane season only a few weeks away, now is the strategic time to consider investment in certain stocks that can yield massive profits.
  • Due to the damage, the home improvement sector always sees a spike in stock prices during hurricane season. Home Depot leads the way in this industry.
  • Walmart is another stock to invest in, considering the need for food and supplies during the hurricane season.

If you’re looking to capitalize on the market movement during hurricane season, you’re in the right place. Joel Lim, a financial analyst at Trading.biz, has identified two of the best stocks to invest in once the hurricane season rolls in. Here’s all you need to know about Home Depot and Walmart.

Home Depot (HD)

Home improvement retail companies like Home Depot play a massive role in the post-hurricane season by providing all the necessary materials needed to rebuild. As such, these companies often experience an increase in stock price during this time. Home Depot makes this list because it is the largest home improvement retail company in the US, controlling around 17% of its entire market.

Additionally, Home Depot is reasonably priced and doing well in the market. Wall Street analysts have posted early predictions for the company’s quarterly earnings, placing its price per share at $3.61. They’ve also predicted its revenue to be around $36 billion. This places Home Depot among some of the best performers in the market.

Joel Lim notes, “Home Depot’s market share and price-to-earning ratio make it an ideal investment, especially during and after the hurricane season when the share price is known to appreciate.”

Walmart (WMT)

Consumer staples is another industry that does well during hurricane season. This is due to the uncertainty associated with natural disasters, which makes stocking up on essentials like food, water, and gas necessary. For this reason, retailers like Walmart often witness an increase in stock price due to their role in meeting consumer demands.

Walmart is an American multinational retail company with a chain of supermarkets nationwide. The company is a household name and a favourite among the shopping class, making its stock an ideal investment option for investors looking to buy stock in the consumer staples industry.

According to a recently published report, Walmart’s yearly revenue is up 4.5% to $159 billion. The company is currently expanding and has announced plans to open over 150 stores across the US over the next five years.

This year, e-commerce in the US is up by 17%, indicating significant growth in the consumer staples industry, where Walmart is a major player. Joel Lim notes, “Consumer staples is a winning industry that thrives in every season. With the hurricane season just a few weeks away, interested investors should consider Walmart stocks for maximum return on investment.”

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