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Plezi One: A free tool to generate leads with your website

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15th Dec 21 4:54 pm

After several months in the making, Plezi, a SaaS marketing automation software provider, is launching its new product in public beta, Plezi One. This free and intuitive tool helps small and medium-sized B2B companies transform their corporate website into a lead generation site. Find out how it works below.

Today, 69% of companies with a website are trying to develop their visibility through various channels such as advertising or social networks. However, 60% of them don’t  have a vision on how much of their turnover is achieved through the web.

Faced with the complexity of all the different possible digital marketing strategies, managers need two simple things: to understand what is happening on their website and to generate leads on the web.

After 5 years of supporting more than 400 companies with its all-in-one marketing automation software, Plezi wants to go further by unveiling Plezi One. The main objective of this free software  is to transform any website into a lead generator, in order to support a greater number of businesses from the moment they launch. 

A simple tool to transform your website into a lead generator

Plezi One facilitates the generation of qualified leads by seamlessly adding forms with automated messages to companies’ sites. It also allows you to understand what each lead is doing on the site, and how it changes week after week with clean dashboards.

This is something to consider if you are beginning your digital journey and still looking for the best solution for lead generation and web tracking combined. The main advantage of Plezi One is that you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use it or start your marketing. Here’s how it works.

Start your lead generation strategy

Forms are the most convenient and direct way to turn an anonymous visitor into a qualified lead on a website. And there are plenty of opportunities to get a visitor to fill out a form, whether it’s to get in touch, request a quote, or access a white paper, newsletter or webinar.

On Plezi One, form creation is done as soon as you add a new resource. Plezi offers different templates, with questions adapted to different types of forms to match the stages of the buying cycle (and make sure that you don’t pester a visitor who simply wants to sign up for your newsletter with questions).

If you want to create your own form template, you can do so via the editor and select the fields you want to use. You can adapt the forms to match your website design. You can also customise your consent message for GDPR. Once you’ve created templates, you can add them to your site in one click!

You can also create follow-up emails that are automatically sent to people who have filled out the form, whether it’s to send them a requested resource or to reassure them that their contact request has been taken care of. Using smart fields, you can even personalise these emails with a person’s first name or the resource that was automatically uploaded.

Understand audience behaviour and qualify leads

Now that your visitors are starting to fill out your forms, how do you leverage their information? This is where Plezi One’s Contacts tab comes in, where you’ll find all the people who have given you their contact information. For each contact, you will find several things :

  • The visitor’s activity and history: content downloaded, forms filled out, pages viewed on your site as well as the channel that brought them to your site. Perfect, when you want to personalise your approach.
  • The prospect’s details: first name, title, function… This page is updated as soon as the contact gives new information by interacting with other content. This tab can also be used as a mini CRM if you don’t have one yet. Your sales team can then add notes on each record to keep track of the evolution of the relationship with your prospect.

You can check all of your audience’s interactions on your website, as these interactions are recorded. You’ll have a better idea of what your audience is looking for and what content they might be interested in.

The tracking script will show you where your prospects are coming from, what they are doing on your website and when they come back. This is a beneficial feature because it gives you insight before you start a conversation with them. Analytics can help you track and understand your prospects.

Analyse the performance of your strategy

The Report section allows you to see the statistics of your marketing actions at a glance. Plezi has chosen to focus on the data that is essential to understanding the performance of your site and your marketing strategy, rather than dwelling on confusing and dispensable metrics. It’s a great way for a manager or salesperson to get to grips with digital marketing!

Here you can see everything that is happening on your site for a given period of time, with the number of visitors and marketing leads, as well as a graph of your conversion funnel to see how many customers your marketing has brought you. An SEO section allows you to see how many keywords you are positioned on and where you rank.

In summary

As you can see, Plezi One goes against the grain of overly complex (and often underutilised) solutions by offering a fluid experience for a tool that is at the heart of a company’s marketing strategy.

It offers an intuitive experience to allow companies that don’t yet have a dedicated team to start understanding the nuts and bolts of digital marketing and start generating leads via their website. Easy to set up, easy to use and 100% free

Interested in getting early access to Plezi One? You can sign up for free here!

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