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Places in the UK with the highest energy bills

by LLB Finance Reporter
28th Oct 23 8:42 am

Many households up and down the country are facing another winter where they may have to grapple with the decision of heating or eating, in the midst of the cost-of-living crisis.

The UK’s energy watchdog, Ofgem, is said to be contemplating yet another hike in energy bills to prevent energy firms going bust, which will put households under even more financial pressure.

And despite the energy price cap, experts are predicting that one in three households will still be paying more on their energy bills this winter.

Energy efficiency company, Airgon, has analysed data from environmental campaigning group, Friends of the Earth, and found that some postcodes are paying up to £7240 on their energy bills per year – and even those living in the poorest postcode areas are paying up to £3950.

Energy expert, and director of Airgon, a home heating device, Mark Brown, said: “The average salary in the UK is £32,000 a year and households are already spending as much as a quarter of their disposable income on energy bills.

“Experts have predicted that this is set to rise for one in three households this winter, which will undoubtedly put even more pressure on those that are already struggling.

“Our research has also shown that, particularly in areas of fuel poverty, as many as 90% of those homes are poorly insulated, which will inevitably lead to substantial heat loss and will result in homes across Britain reconsidering their energy usage as many families face bills they cannot afford to pay.

“Whilst historically, consumers have switched on their heating around October 24th (known officially as Heating Switch-On Day), we predict that, actually, people will instead be delaying switching their heating on for as long as possible.”

Looking ahead, Mark said: “We urge anyone who is looking to lower their energy bills to consider installing an Airgon device. 

“Airgon removes air and entrained gases from the heating system, increases efficiency by as much as 30%, prolongs the life of boilers, including aged boilers over four years old, and reduces the chance of costly plumbing emergencies or call-outs.

“Unlike other products, Airgon removes all of the air, not just the circulating air but importantly the dissolved oxygen and entrained gases such as nitrogen.

“Nitrogen lines the pipes and radiators stopping optimum heat transfer so, by removing the nitrogen, you remove the thermal barrier which allows more heat out into the room for less fuel consumed resulting in less costs and lower CO2 emissions.

“Plus it saves households up to £650 a year, which could mean the difference between heating and eating this year. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if consumers don’t see a minimum 10% reduction in their heating fuel consumption.”

“The technology we have developed improves the functionality of our boilers and heating systems to a level that will make a real difference to consumer’s pockets, in a time of financial crisis.”

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