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Place your bets: The effects of online casinos in London

28th Sep 16 11:13 am

One of London’s top lures is top quality casinos

Gambling is a past-time that has been around since 200 BC but in recent years, the face of gambling has been revolutionised by the internet. Casino games were once only available in land casinos but they are now available online, through mobile phones and even a virtual reality platform and are advertised on everything from prime-time television to social media. However, despite rivalling each other, these different stages seem to complement each other well as they all offer players unique draws that will appeal to different individual’s playing style, needs and wants. London is home to some of the most prominent names in the world of casinos including the Hippodrome and the Crown Aspinalls and they continue to attract visitors to the capital, playing a significant role in boosting the local economy.

London Land Casinos

While many may initially think of gambling meccas like Macau and Las Vegas when it comes to gambling, London boasts some of the crown jewels of land-based casinos and despite steadfast competition; the market has actually flourished since the introduction of online gambling with an influx of all kinds of gamblers looking for a platform to play on. The modern cultural acceptance of gambling means that this trend looks set to continue to grow and with businesses always looking for new profitable investment opportunities to take advantage of; this progress is likely to continue to develop and evolve.

With over 30 million people eagerly visiting London in 2015 alone, the capital of the UK has plenty of historical sites and interesting attractions for tourists to admire, from Big Ben and the Tower of London to the London Eye. However, one of London’s top lures is its top quality casinos and anyone looking to place a few bets during a trip to the city will likely head to The Empire, The Park Tower or Napoleon’s where everyone from high rollers to newbies can soak up the atmosphere.

The Impact of Online Casinos

It would be easy to assume that the success of the online gambling sector would have had a negative impact on land-based casinos but interestingly it has further fuelled its own growth. Leading online casinos such as 888casino have made it much more socially acceptable to have a flutter nowadays, whether on a game of online poker or on the roulette wheel in a casino and this liberality has opened new opportunities for the growth of land-based casinos.

Many modern casinos, both online and those made from bricks and mortar, actively promote the importance of responsible gambling and this is a new move that has helped the industry to enjoy a new level of acceptance. The introduction of online gambling has led to the sector branding their games to a new audience and long gone are the days when casinos only attracted middle-aged men looking for a new thrill, as everyone from young high rollers to retirees enjoy playing the vast array of games that are now widely available and readily accessible.

The smart money is on the prediction that gambling spend will continue to grow over the next decade and due to the increase in demand for casinos – both on land and online – the industry looks set to take world domination to the next level. When you’re ready, place your bets.

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