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Passive income in marketing business reviews

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28th Nov 18 9:12 am

Best ways to obtain passive income with your businesses?

Passive income is income that you can generate automatically without requiring your physical presence, time or direct action at all times. The idea is to build a more or less automated system that produces benefits without your intervention. In this way, you can generate that income while you dedicate yourself to other necessities or simply enjoy life.

It is the formula on which many people who seek financial freedom with stable and recurring income, and who thus reach a state where employment goes from being fundamental to live and financially sustain a hobby, are held that the necessary Passive income through business comes automatically elsewhere.

And now the questions come: How to obtain Passive income through business? What sources of passive income exist? Can passive income be generated in a practical way? What investment do we need? Can you get passive income online?

The master formula for obtaining Passive income through business

As the saying goes, “each teacher has his book” and you will find many teachers of the subject on the Internet with their own formulas that invite you to replicate and copy to get your own case of success, and above all, your financial freedom.

And if it works! But it is important that you have the creative capacity to become aware of the projects that others have developed and adapt them to your own life, knowledge and needs. Only in this way can you get your own master formula to get passive income online.

Are you ready? Then we explain some of the formulas to generate passive income in a practical way, more used and proven.

4 formulas to Passive income through business in a practical way

Create, upload and monetize your videos on YouTube: If you are good in front of the camera and you think you has something important to contribute to the world that will receive thousands of visits, consider the possibility of being part of the YouTube Partner Program with which you can get passive income based on the views your videos receive. At first, this will be an important investment of time, but the good thing is that as soon as you achieve a certain number of reproductions you can practically forget to update because the most viewed videos are also the most shown in the searches, so the visualizations call for more visualizations

Create an online course to sell on autopilot:  If you are an expert in an area, a good formula is to create an online course with videos and resources that are of interest to your potential students and that do not cost you more than the investment of time in its creation and money in its promotion. To launch the adventure, we recommend this course of Create, launch and sell your own online course in less than 60 days.

Create an automated online school:  In line with the above, if beyond a course you think you have knowledge to do several, we recommend you launch with a school or academy where you can compile and sell all your courses. For this, this article on How to set up an automated online school will be of great help.

Create and sell guides, methods and tutorials:  Digital products are a true reality of how easy it can be to create a business online. To produce them all you need is a computer, time and knowledge. Then, you just have to know how to organize a good sales system to achieve success. We recommend this Guide to easily sell a digital product on your blog or website.

Choose the best suited one for you and just start it. Good luck.


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