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One in 10 Brits can only stick to their financial new year’s resolution for a week

by LLB Editor
23rd Dec 22 10:44 am

With 2023 just days away, people across the UK are starting to plan their new year’s resolutions, but which are the most popular and how can they be achieved?

Experts at Zuto Car Finance have surveyed Brits [1] to determine their top ten financial goals of 2023, after 40% claimed they are worried about their money next year. 37% want to be financially stable during the cost-of-living crisis and 20% claim their spending is out of hand.

How long do people usually stick to their new year’s resolutions?

As one in five (19%) can only stick to a new year’s resolution for one-three months of year, Zuto has analysed each of the top ten resolutions and provided expertise on how to realistically achieve each goal.

Worryingly, 3% of Brits can’t even last a single day, whilst just 2% make the full year:

Time sticking to new year’s resolution Percentage
1 to 3 months 19%
One month 15%
One Week 13%
3 to 6 months 11%
Full year 8%
6 to 9 months 4%
Under 24 hours 3%
Beyond a year 2%

What are the top 10 financial new year’s resolutions for 2023?

The most popular aim for Brits is setting a savings goal and achieving it, with 42% of people picking this to try in the new year.

Others are focusing on their bad credit scores, with (16%) looking to improve it and 11% pledging to check it more often.

A third (31%) plan to stop frivolous spending, whilst one in five (19%) want to concentrate on paying their bills comfortably.

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