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Nissan is reportedly to abandon plans to build the new X-Trail

by LLB Reporter
3rd Feb 19 9:46 am

Japanese car-maker, Nissan is reportedly to abandon plans to build the new X-Trail model at their Sunderland plant.

According to Sky News, the car-maker is to confirm they’re to scrap plans to build the new SUV on Monday, with just 53 days left before, the Brexit EU withdrawal.

Nisan voiced their concerns over Brexit before committing to build the new Qashqai and X-Trail models, four months after the EU referendum in October 2016.

Sky News’s city editor, Mark Kleinman said in tweet, “EXCLUSIVE: Nissan will announce next week that it’s cancelling a plan unveiled in 2016 to build its X-Trail model at its Sunderland plant.

“Bombshell Brexit move for industry given that ministers gave Nissan secret reassurance over industry competitiveness.”

Keir Starmer, Shadow Brexit secretary and Labour MP for Holborn & St Pancras, said in a tweet in response to Klienman’s tweet, “If confirmed, this represents a serious blow to the communities that depend on the jobs Nissan creates and supports.

“The Tories’ chaotic handling of the Brexit negotiations is having a devastating impact on business investment. It’s time ministers got a grip on this crisis.”

The Japanese car-maker spokesman said, “Nissan does not comment on rumour or speculation.”

Bridget Philipson, Labour MP for Houghton and Sunderland South, said in a tweet, “If confirmed, this would represent deeply troubling news for the north east economy.

“So many jobs and livelihoods depend on Nissan’s success.”

Sir Vince Cable, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, said that Nissan’s withdrawal Nissan’s withdrawal could be a Brexit turning point. This is casting uncertainty as major companies are “very seriously reconsidering their future here.”

“I’m afraid that where Nissan leads the others, Toyota, Honda, BMW, the rest of them, we’re going to see a down scaling of their operations in the UK.”

Nissan’s Sunderland plant employs 6,700 workers, this would be, if true a massive blow to the community as this rumour casts serious doubts over Nissan’s future in the UK.

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