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New forex company Tradu shakes up the trading industry

by Sarah Dunsby
24th Nov 23 1:50 pm

Years ago, trading was only for Wall Street city workers and high-powered individuals working in finance. But with advanced technology turning the financial industry on its head, investing has become far more popular with everyday investors looking to make their money work harder for them. One company set to shake up the industry is Tradu.

The new trading platform by Tradu is backed by leading global investment firm, Jefferies. With a unique offering that stands out among a sea of competitors, Tradu’s trading platform has over 10,000 tradable assets, including over 8,000 US stocks and 100 popular commodities.

Paresh Patel, the Global Head of Trading at Tradu, explains that what makes the platform different to others in the market is the ability to trade multiple assets all on the same platform, “You’ll be able to do crypto, FX, CFDs, indices, treasuries all in one place. [You’ll also have] the ability to have the ease to transfer your money from one account to another, seamlessly.”

This is especially important as it saves valuable time. With split seconds separating wins and losses, Tradu has created a seamless platform that can execute a trade in just 18 milliseconds on average.

What makes Tradu’s platform unique?

Competitive pricing models

As a company created by seasoned traders, Tradu’s founders knew how important it was to traders that fees were kept as low as possible. Competitive pricing is one way Tradu is different from the rest.

According to Brendan Callan, CEO of Tradu: “Pricing is imperative to our customers and giving them the comfort [that] they’re with the [right] firm. 90% of the time, we’re the tightest price.”

But it’s not just tight spreads that makes Tradu head and shoulders above the rest. They also offer a range of different pricing models to suit individual clients. Kourosh Khanloo, Managing Director explains more about the pricing model:

“We have various pricing models like the spread watcher and flat fee of €1 per share. Our crypto offering means the client can choose between a commission-based and a mark-up model. We don’t say which is better; we give clients a choice of what they want to do.”

Tradu also offer commission-free CFDs and a spread tracker that shows their spreads against the competition. This way, traders know they’re getting the most competitive rates.

Leading accessibility  

Another key benefit of Tradu’s new platform is accessibility. There aren’t many multi-asset brokers -and even fewer that include an ewallet. Tradu’s platform offers it all in one place. This means that rather than transferring money between accounts, you can do it all on Tradu’s platform.

Better compliance  

Ensuring compliance is essential to maintain integrity as a trading company. Tradu is dedicated to fraud prevention and promoting a healthy and transparent financial system.  Michael Grant, Director of Global Compliance explains:

“The primary challenge is that our sector is considered by most people to be high-risk. Most of the rules are designed to protect our clients, and one of the main headaches is reading the temperature in each of the regulatory jurisdictions. They can go up and down depending on local political issues, among other things. So, it’s about being able to monitor how that temperature fluctuates and making sure we run the business by that. Sometimes it’s difficult when you’re located in one place, to manage that across the globe.”

“It’s my role to maintain our relationships with local regulators so that it smooths our path in terms of developing our business across the globe.”

What makes Tradu stand out in a competitive market?

Tradu’s customer-centric ethos is echoed in the way they’ve created the platform. Blending leading compliance measures with lightning-fast trades and competitive pricing models, Tradu has identified a gap in the market for investors and filled the void. Add into the mix 24/5 customer service support in 15 languages and it’s easy to see why Tradu is set to become the go-to for investors.


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