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Network Rail cancels all trains in Wales on Friday as Storm Eunice to bring ‘gusts reaching 100 mph’

by LLB Reporter
17th Feb 22 2:33 pm

Network Rail have announced that all their train services will be cancelled on Friday as Storm Eunice will bring “gusts reaching 100 mph.”

A Network Rail spokeswoman told Sky News the move would come into force from “the close of traffic” on Thursday and warned the disruption could extend into the weekend.

Disruption could continue into the weekend, so that more than 1,000 miles of track can be checked and cleared of debris and fallen trees.

The Met Office warned on Thursday that winds of up to 70mph and gusts reaching 100mph could hit the UK on Friday, which could place Storm Eunice among the most fierce storms of the last 30-years.

Met Office forecaster Becky Mitchell said, “With the wind gusts we are forecasting at the moment, we’ve only seen a handful of storms in the past 30-years that have brought similar gusts. It’s got the potential to be up there as quite a notable storm.

“Winds are likely to be 60 to 70mph inland across the south of the UK.

“It’s quite unusual, we don’t see gusts that high over such a wide area in the south.”

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the British Army are “on standby” to help with the effects of the storm.

Speaking from RAF Waddington, Johnson said, “So for those who have already been affected by Storm Dudley, we are offering all the support that we can.

“My sympathies to those who are still without power – we are working with the power companies, the local authorities to get their juice restored as fast as possible.

“But of course, the army is on standby.”

Ross Akers, from Natural Resources Wales, said, “The forecasted high winds could cause a storm surge and large waves which could lead to the overtopping of flood defences along the coast.

“We are monitoring the situation very closely, but we are concerned that if the forecast does materialise, then we are likely to see significant flooding impacts in many places along our coastal areas.

“Wind speeds could also result in damage in many areas. We are urging caution and for everyone to keep a close eye on the weather forecasts and check for the latest flood warnings.

“If you live near to, or are visiting a coastal area, please take extra care and keep a safe distance from coastal paths and promenades as large waves can sweep you off your feet or you can be hit by debris.”

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