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NetEnt Casino have revamped their offering

by John Saunders
23rd Jul 19 12:21 pm

The online gambling industry is becoming fiercely competitive. With online casinos possessing nearly 39% of the market in the UK, players are finding that there are now an immense variety of games available to them.

The need for online casinos to listen to their customers and offer high-quality games and great choice is now greater than ever. In order to maintain their competitive edge, many sites are revamping their website design and upgrading their current offering based on customers’ feedback. Through doing this, they hope to keep their current customer base interested, as well as attracting new customers in a rapidly growing market.

An example of one site following this trend is NetEnt Casino. They have improved a wide range of features on their site, including website navigation, game choice, content variety and the provision of payment options.

Let’s take a look at some of the website’s best features:

Website navigation

An essential aspect of online casino design is website navigation, the site must be able to easily point users in the direction of what they are looking for.

NetEnt Casino achieves superb navigation through its use of clear action buttons, helpful pop-ups and a navigation bar. The navigation bar divides content up logically with clear headings. For example, sub-headings under its NetEnt Casinos button divides games by both country and device type (e.g. mobile), meaning users are able to narrow down their game choices within seconds.

A pop-up banner along the top of the site directs users to unlock new spins. Its placement is strategic as being underneath the address bar means that it is likely to be noticed without directly impacting the user’s field of vision. The user has the choice to either follow the call to action or simply click the cross to remove it from their view. This is important as pop-ups that distract users can have the opposite effect to what the casino intends, rather than being helpful that can be an annoyance and drive customers away from the site.

One of its most handy features is the search bar at the top of page. For any content the user cannot see on the homepage, they can enter its subject into the search field to pull up relevant results. This reduces the need for customers to search through the site if they are looking for something specific.

Choice of games

Another key component in their offering is the availability of choice. Having many different game types and themes helps them to reach a wider audience and is also helpful to new prospective players, who might not sure what kind of game they are looking for.

Since NetEnt Casino was established in 1996, it has created a huge amount of games. This would perhaps be a little overwhelming for players if it wasn’t for the website’s use of categories. While NetEnt is famous for its slot games, it also includes game categories such as table games, scratch cards, jackpots and video poker.

Whether you are up for unearthing a jackpot in the ancient Egyptian adventure game Mercy of The Gods or taking a spin on the space themed video slot game Starburst, this website offers a plethora of games and handy information on how to play.

Amount of payment options

It’s not just choice of games that is important for site users, but also choice of payment options. NetEnt Casino allows users to filter top casinos by which payment methods they allow, with an impressive 24 different methods being available.

Having all these different options helps to reassure users that they have the ability to make secure payments using methods they are already familiar with.

Its listings include cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, as well as popular payment systems PayPal and Skrill. It even shows options for online casinos that allow users to pay by phone through a simple form or text messaging service.

NetEnt Casino even provide a useful information page for each of the 24 options, meaning making deposits really could not be any easier!

Variety of other content

It is not just about what games they have on offer – this casino website illustrates its great knowledge and influence in the online gambling industry through its targeted news content. Their news section provides thoughtful insights into relevant technological developments, new games and future projects. It also enables players to find the best online casino bonuses and no deposit bonus options.

It is added extras such as these insights, in addition to effective navigation tools and great varieties in games and payment choices that helps to set NetEnt Casino apart from other websites. Online casino sites must continue to expand their offerings and respond to their customer’s needs if they are to remain competitive within the online gambling industry.

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