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Native advertising, what you need to know

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8th Jul 21 11:02 am

Generally, advertising simply means influencing customers’ choice with the use of advertisement. But what distinguishes native advertising from the traditional way of advertising?

Over time, it has proven difficult to keep consumers engaged on a particular content even without ads.

How much more inserting obvious ads and making the content seem cumbersome and hard to read?

With the ever increasing power of content writing as a  marketing tool, brand owners have taken the initiative of including native advertisement in their contents.

Now what is native advertising?

Basically, native advertising is also a type of advertisement, but there’s a plus to it. Unlike traditional advertisements, consumers are hardly able to skip a native advertisement because it has been designed to fit coherently into the normal content.

Why brand owners opt for this method is that it blends perfectly into the contents and consumers subconsciously digest the information (ad) as part of the content and the purpose of the advertisement is not defeated.

It is natural that certain questions pop up in your mind when you hear “native advertising”.

The essence of this article is to answer your questions and explain a few things you need to know about native advertising.

It will give you a wider knowledge on how to go about influencing customers choice with the use of advertisement and ultimately selling your products.

Your questions can include;

1. Are there different native advertising formats?

Of course! Native advertising can be used in more than one way.

You can use native advertising through in-feeds platforms, promoted listings, paid ad search, etc. They are all ways to using native advertising

2. Is native advertising affected by AdBlocks?

Some ads can seem intrusive and disturbing.

These are the ads that get blocked. With native advertising, there’s a very little chance that it can get blocked because it’s sewn perfectly with the rest of the content and it hardly disturbs consumers.

3. How do you measure native advertising?

It is natural that you’d want to check the effectiveness of this method. It’s quite possible.

With the use of some tools that are specially designed to measure data like number of clicks, number of views etc.

You can make use of tools like spyOver and parse.ly. With these tools, you can measure the effectiveness of native advertising in your brand.

4. Can a user tell if they’re clicking on a native ad?


This is because these ads are seen as some normal content and so there’s no telling which is an ad or which is the content.

5. Why should you use native advertising?

By now, the importance of native advertising is quite obvious.

It increases traffic and increases sales which is the most important. It earns trust and sustains customers’ interest.

Because of the short attention span of consumers, they spend less time reading content and less or no time at all reading content that’s full of ads. Native advertising makes it easier for them.

6. How can I start using native advertising?

It’s quite easy. Simply employ the services of the best native advertising agencies.

Having really nice and quality content is good, including native advertising makes it even better.

How to get quality results is seeking the services of agencies that provide quality services.

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