M&S retailer trials plastic free packaging in a bid to be zero waste by 2025


In an attempt to cut plastic waste, the retailer M&S is cutting the amount of plastic they use with their fruit and vegetables at their Tolworth store.

As part of their trial period they have removed the best before labels, they are committed to other lines of lose produce across their remaining stores throughout the UK. M&S say this move could save up to 580 tonnes of plastic over two-years.

M&S head of food sustainability Louis Nichols said, “We’re proud to launch a series of market leading initiatives to help our customers take home less plastic.

“We know our customers want to play their part in cutting out plastic, while as a business our goal is to become zero-waste by 2025. That’s why we’re working hard to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use without compromising on food quality and contributing to waste.

Thursday the troubled retailer announced their five-year plan to close more than 100 stores by 2025 and announced the closure of 17 stores involving 1,045 staff who are being consulted.