M&S paid more UK corporation tax last year than Amazon has in 20-years


An investigation by the Mirror newspaper found that Amazon paid just £61.7m, in UK corporation tax over 20-years, whilst M&S paid a whopping £65.4m in 2018.

The investigation found, since 1998 Amazon had a turnover of £6.86bn in the UK and made profit of £213m, along with five years of losses.

However, the newspaper revealed high street retailer, M&S paid £65.4m in corporation tax in 2018, plus £3.3bn over the last 20-years.

The newspaper further reported that, Tesco’s corporation tax was £176m in 2018 and Debenhams paid £303m since 2005.

Richard Murphy, a tax campaigner said to the Mirror, “Amazon is taking advantage of the international tax system to exploit the UK. The UK and other countries let them.

“It’s time for countries to cooperate to eliminate this type of thing. But the UK is still objecting to many of the reforms.”

E-commerce firm, Amazon reported Friday, their financial results, for the three months to 31 December, sales were up to £55.2bn from £46.1bn the year before, up 20%.