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Mordaunt defends Sunak as the ‘best of Britain’ after Clarke warns of a Tory ‘massacre’

by LLB political Reporter
25th Jan 24 3:21 pm

Tory MP Penny Mordaunt has come to the Prime Ministers rescue defending him as the “best of Britain” after Sir Simon Clarke warned of a “massacre” at the next general election.

Mordaunt who is the House of Commons leader defended Rishi Sunak after the Labour leader claimed that the Prime Minister “simply doesn’t get Britain” as he is the richest leader to have ever been elected in to Downing Street.

Sir Simon wrote in the Telegraph that the Prime Minister “does not get what Britain needs,” adding, “And he is not listening to what the British people want.”

The Commons leader said that Sunak has protected the country when he was the Chancellor and throughout the pandemic and that he “quietly” gives money to charities.

Mordaunt added, “He doesn’t just get Britain, he represents the best of Great Britain, the greatest things we have to offer and what they mean to the world and our values: hard work, enterprise, taking personal responsibility for yourself and helping others.

“He is in no way confused about where his duty lies. You won’t find him taxing education or denying others the opportunities he has had, or voting against strengthening our borders, or siding with militant trade unions against the public, or compromising our energy security or our nuclear deterrent.

“Or opposing the deportation of foreign criminals, scratching his head about the monarchy, ducking difficult issues, or supporting the member for Islington North (Jeremy Corbyn).”

However, Shadow Commons leader Lucy Powell said that Sunak’s own pollster has quit government over concerns they could lose at the upcoming general election.

She said, “The Prime Minister’s own pollster, having concluded they are not providing the bold, decisive action required and that the Conservatives, and this is his words not mine, are ‘heading for the most almighty of defeats’.

“Many agree. So can she just put everyone out of their misery and get on and call general election?”

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