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Modernise your business and retain customer attention with these top tips

by Sarah Dunsby
7th Mar 23 10:38 am

Within this modern world that we live in, it is so important that businesses are able to adapt to the constant changes. With new technologies being introduced and ever-changing customer needs, businesses must be willing to main changes, in order to retain customer attention. The needs of your customers should be at the focal point of all business decisions, as it is crucial that you are making changes that work with what your customers want.

When customers are looking to invest their money within a business, they want a business that is modern, as this indicates that they are able to adapt to the changing world. When it comes to modernising your business and retaining customer attention, there are a few ways to do it. In this article, we will go over some top tips that can help your business modernise and maintain your loyal customer base. So, if you are a business owner and you have been struggling to adapt to the modern world, then keep on reading to find out more!

Update your technology

One great way to modernise your business and retain customer attention is to update your technology. Within any modern business, it is likely that you rely on a lot of techs to help you complete daily tasks. Technology is a huge asset to a business, but if you are not working with modern technology, then your outdated tech could actually be holding you back. If your staff are working with slow and outdated technology, then it is likely they are running into tech issues on a daily basis.

Not being able to complete the tasks you need to because of slow technology can massively affect the productivity levels within your business. Therefore, it is so important that you spend your money wisely and invest in new, modern technology for your staff to use. This way, whenever they need to complete a task, they are able to do so as they are no longer being held back. This, in turn, will help to retain customers’ attention as staff are quickly able to assist customers with any enquiries they may have.

Improve your customer service

Within a business, good customer service is absolutely essential, as you want your customers to feel like their thoughts and opinions are heard. Most people have probably experienced bad customer service in their lives, and it can really affect the way you perceive a business. Often, poor customer service can result in customers leaving the business altogether, so it is really crucial that you ensure your business can provide excellent customer service. Be sure that all staff members are trained in delivering customer service, and perhaps offer some refresher training sessions too.

Another thing you can do to help improve customer service within your business is partner with a company like 1ovmany. This is a company that works within other business to provide OKR consultancy and improved business strategies. If you find that your business has not been performing well in customer reviews, then it could be beneficial to get some outside support. By using a company like 1ovmany, you are able to develop organisational goals and objectives that can help you improve the way you deliver customer service. This is definitely something to consider for modern businesses looking to improve.

Offer a rewards scheme

Giving your customers a rewards scheme is another great thing you can do to modernise your business and retain customer attention. Reward schemes are a common part of many businesses these days, and for good reason too. By offering rewards and incentives, you are giving customers a reason to come back to your business, as they can receive an award for their loyalty. You see this a lot in the hospitality industry as cafes or restaurants will often have a points card where customers can build points and ultimate receive free or discounted food and drinks.

When applying reward schemes to businesses outside of the hospitality industry, you have to look at it a little differently, because a points card may not have any value in the type of business you run. So, instead of offering a points card, you could offer something like discounts after customers spend a certain amount money or even a reward when they sign-up to your services. Simple things like reward schemes can be very beneficial in retaining customer attention, so this is definitely something you should consider introducing within your business.

Generate interest on Social Media

Within any modern business, it is crucial that you have an active online presence. When customers are searching for business, they will look online first, either via a search engine or through social media. In order for your business to be noticed, you must ensure that you have a prominent online presence and that your social media accounts are always active. Being active on social media gives you the chance to directly interact with your customers, as you can reply to messages instantly. This creates a better relationship between customers and businesses, and it can help you get new customers and retain the ones you already have.

Another way that social media can be beneficial for a business is that you can use social media to generate interest of any new products or services. If for example, you have a new product launching in a few months, you should start to generate interest early on. Start making posts that allude to the new product, but don’t fully say what the product is. You could even do some polls and ask your followers what they think the new product is. Doing this will generate a massive amount of interest for your business, and it can help you make profits once the product is finally released. Social media is a very important business tool, so make sure you take full advantage of it.

Implement a customer feedback service

Ultimately, one of the best ways that you can retain customer attention is by listening to customers’ feedback. Your customers are at the heart of everything you do as a business, so it is so important that you listen to customers whenever they have a query or a complaint. Customers are more likely to stick by a business that values its customer’s opinions, so it would be a good idea to implement some sort of customer feedback service. Giving customers the option and the opportunity to voice their concerns will allow you to recognise which aspects of your business need to be improved, and from then you can then start making practical changes.

Whenever a customer uses your services, you should have an automated feedback system that is sent out straight away. Its best to send out a feedback request as soon as your customer has finished using the services as it means their experience of your business will be fresh in their mind. As well as this, it will demonstrate to the customer that you value their opinion and that you want to hear what they have to say. Once you have gathered the feedback, you can then circle back with your team and make any changes you need to make.

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