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Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer game modes: Everything you need to know

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29th Nov 22 1:00 pm

Modern warfare 2 is renowned as a perfect first-person shooter game that enjoys a wide fanbase. The best aspect of the game is that it has presented a changing war face to gamers worldwide, making them an integral part of the game.

Infinity World, the firm behind Modern Warfare 2 has developed a game endowed with fantastic visuals. These visuals have been designed to portray war realism, making you feel as if you are engaged in a real-time war scene!

In short, fury, action, and sound are all imperative part of this game that is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Interested in playing the game? Well, you can even use some relevant call of duty modern warfare 2 hacks that can assist you in achieving success in the game.

In addition, let us walk through some essential information about Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer game modes.

Different Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer game modes

Here is a guide to diverse Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer game modes.

1. Knockout

Knockout is a game mode similar to Capture The Flag and is reinvented version of Gunfight mode from the Modern Warfare version 2019. It is a round-based game of six versus six and requires players to compete for a money bag that emerges in the map’s middle out of nowhere.

The opposite teams need to compete with each other to take this bag and then move back to their location. The team which succeeds in taking the bag back to their location wins the round.

All the players will get only one life in this mode, and similar to Warzone, you get a chance to revive one of your teammates. However, once the entire team gets down, the whole round finishes.

Knockout mode results from the old tried and tested Gunfight mode, which has been molded well with the multiplayer version.

2. Prisoner Rescue

Prisoner Rescue is a game mode inspired by Hostage and Hostage Rescue modes from the Rainbow Six game. This is a game mode that revolves around defending and also rescuing the hostages.

As per the game mode, an attacking team needs to extricate or rescue hostages from a building. On the other hand, the defender’s team needs to prevent these actions of the attacking team.

3. Team Death Match

This classic game mode requires competing teams to score points until they reach the target score or if the timer goes out. This mode often involves teams in a tug-of-war to stay ahead in the game.

This is a primary game mode that is the simplest of all the modes and needs the players to be involved in different battles to win the scores.

4. Search and Destroy

Another multiplayer game mode is searching and destroying. It is an objective-based game mode that involves two teams. One is defensive, and another is the offensive team. The offensive team is needed to plant a bomb and then defend the bomb from being disarmed.

On the other hand, the offensive team needs to defend the bombs from all kinds of attacks and disarm the bomb. The team that scores four rounds is declared the winner of the game.

5. Gunfight

Though Knockout mode is regarded as a successor to Gunfight, this particular mode is also essential for the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer game. Though it was only two versus two players in the 2019 mode, many new variants have been introduced since then.

The Gunfight mode has been associated with the Warfare game for a long time and has received tremendous popularity since then.

6. Domination

As the name suggests, Domination is a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer game mode that puts the players in a race to possess all the control points on the said map.

Each team must attack and defend the main points to get control over them or lose them to the opposition team. The team which is able to secure more control points is declared the winner.

7. Hardpoint

Another Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer game mode is hardpoint which is quite similar to the Domination one. The only difference is that the players must battle for points instead of competing for control.

Players need to stay within the control point to win points for each team and take out any player who tries to enter. If no team can reach the control point, no points are earned for either of the teams.

Final words

These modes are one of the major attractions of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game. So, read through these modes and enjoy the game. Happy playing.

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