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Mistakes to avoid when hiring a private jet for business purposes

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13th Dec 19 11:00 am

Hiring a private jet is not only convenient, it’s also a great way to impress business partners or clients. While the process may seem relatively straightforward, it’s easy to make mistakes when booking aircraft with civil operators. Here are several tips that will help you hire the jet you need without running into problems:

Ask for the right aircraft

There are actually a number of different types of small aircrafts that you can hire as private jets. It’s very important to hire the aircraft that best suits your needs. Importantly, the aircraft you hire must have the right capacity to handle the number of passengers.

Amenities available on board may change depend on the type of jet. For example, if you want a swanky flight to impress the business partners, then hire a luxury aircraft like a Boeing BBJ2, which comes with hotel-style plush seating. Extras like this may depend on your budget. When you are not sure what type of jet may suit your needs, ask the flight company for recommendations based on your needs.

Know luggage limits

Just like commercial airplanes, private ones come with luggage limits too. These are less stringent than those for commercial flights. Still, it’s important that all passengers are aware of how much weight they can carry and what type of luggage to bring. Ask the civil operator these details in advance so you can convey them to the guests early on.

Compare prices in advance to avoid overspending

Most non-rural destinations usually have several private jet companies offering services. Don’t forget to compare prices including all on-board amenities. Some businesses make the mistake of comparing base prices. That would exclude other expenses that can really accumulate. For example, get a quote for Falcon 2000 charter flight including extra perks that come with the popular business travel jet.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book

Unlike with regular flights, where last minute bookings can still get you a seat, don’t wait until the wee hour to book a private jet. Early books can reduce costs for your company, whereas last minute bookings may cost you extra. Also, you may not get the choice jet most suited for your requirements. Therefore, book as early as possible when you know you need the jet.

Learn about customisation options

Well regarded civil operators offer many customisation options with their jets, depending on the type of aircraft you hire. If you need additional services, such as in-flight full-course dinners or room for pets, inquire from the operator in advance. There could be special perks business travellers can enjoy. To get the most out of the charter flight, customise the flying experience for added comfort and convenience.

Get your schedule to the crew in advance

Things would move more smoothly if you can get your team’s busy schedule to the crew in advance. This is actually necessary if you plan on layovers or stops. The crew would be able to get the aircraft ready in tune with your schedule without issues.

As mentioned above, make sure you hire the jet that you really want to hire. Do some background research in advance so you know that you are getting what you need without overspending.

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