Home Business News Mike Greene bets £100,000 against Starmer’s ‘fantasy’ 1.5 million housing target

Listening to the bilge coming out of both major political party conferences over the last couple of weeks, I must say Sir Keir Starmer’s target of building 1.5 million houses in the 5 years of the next parliament has to be the biggest political lie for them all.

One of the many strings to my bow is property developer, so I know it to be a fact that no party has ever got close to building 300,000 new homes in a year, which is why I’m willing to bet £100k that Starmer and Labour don’t break the mold to build anything like that number.

People need to call out this kind of blatant political promise making, especially when it’s an issue as important as giving hard-working Brits a decent place to live. So I’m calling Starmer out on his pre-election BS. He isn’t buying my vote and hopefully this particular false-promise won’t be the thing that wins the votes of too many other voters.

I think the thing that gets me the most about this promise is that Keir knows damn well he won’t get near his 1.5 million target. He’s not being optimistic, he’s being opportunist and completely cynical.

I say ‘cynical’ because Keir knows as well as I do that a combination of nimbyism and the fact that Government building schemes (of all parties) always take longer than planned, run insanely over budget and always lose money.

This is nothing more than a pre-election fantasy designed to bribe the UK public out of their vote, and I’d love to hear from any betting companies or wealthy Labour peers who’d like to take my bet.

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