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Michael Spencer backs innovative risk and regulatory consultancy firm Temple Grange Partners

14th Nov 17 11:03 am

Founder of ICAP and NEX Group makes personal investment in rapidly growing firm 

Temple Grange Partners (“TGP”), an innovative risk, regulatory and compliance consultancy firm has announced that Michael Spencer, the leading City figure and financial entrepreneur and the founder and chief executive of NEX Group plc, has made a substantial personal investment in TGP to support its continued growth and expansion.

Launched in 2017 and founded by Eoin O’Shea, former Global Chief Central Compliance Officer at Credit Suisse, and other senior industry practitioners, TGP is a practitioner-centred compliance, risk and regulatory consultancy firm which currently employs over 50 staff across its offices in London, New York, and Hong Kong.      

TGP exists to help financial services firms tackle the increasing complexity of compliance regulation which is exacerbated by:

  • The need to balance interests of multiple stakeholders including compliance officers, executive management, non-executive directors, those running the day to day operations of banks and external stakeholders, including regulators and other governmental enforcement agencies
  • A financial services sector that continues to struggle with profitability as it grapples with post 2007 markets, resulting in severe budget investment constraints for compliance at the very time the regulatory workload has increased dramatically  with greater regulatory intervention and constant regulatory change
  • High relative turnover of compliance officers
  • Industry failure to attract, retain and reward talented risk and regulatory practitioners
  • Increasing disillusionment among many hard working and dedicated risk and compliance professionals with their current employment model, and a desire to work differently

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