MI5 intelligence chief: The UK is facing a wave of terror threats at a ‘scale and pace we’ve not seen before’



Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5 gave a rare public speech and said that the UK is facing the worst terror threat he has seen during his 34-year career.

Parker said that it will be impossible to stop every terror attack, he said to journalists: “n 2017, with all that has happened and much that has not, it is clear that we are contending with an intense UK terrorist threat from Islamist extremists.

“Twenty attacks in the UK have been foiled over the past four years.

“Many more will have been prevented by the early interventions we and the police make. There have been a record number of terrorism-related arrests: 379 in the year to June.”

He added that the terror threat is at a “scale at which we are operating is greater than ever before.”

There is roughly 3,000 known people involved in extremist activities and over 500 investigations being conducted, with over 20,000 people having been scrutinised, more worrying there are “violent extremists” out there that are undetected.

Despite the security service employing more people Parker said: “Attacks will occur sometimes because this is a free society, a liberal democracy, and we do not monitor everybody all the time.

“Nor would we want to live in a country that was like that.”