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Maximising profits in online Keno: Strategies for London business owners

by Sarah Dunsby
23rd Feb 23 9:25 am

Online Keno has become more popular in recent years due to the rapid expansion of the iGaming market that encompasses everything from online casinos to online betting sites, lotto games, as well as bingo and Keno.

Every game of chance has received a digital version, and that also applies to online Keno, which is available in multiple variations. As a popular game, it offers multiple options for different businesses that can facilitate the popularity of Keno to their own advantage.

What is online Keno

The online version isn’t different from the traditional one. But, online Keno offers more opportunities for any fan of games of chance to play Keno from the comfort of their own home, on the go, whenever it’s convenient for them.

Another reason for the popularity of Keno is a fairly simple game of chance. That Keno is a lottery-based game that includes a list of numbers 1 to 80. Each player has to select from 4 to 8 numbers, place the bet, and afterward, the RNG technology will take over.

Normally, playing Keno includes a Keno drawing where the Keno numbers are randomly drawn, but since you are playing the game online, the RNG generator will choose 20 numbers randomly, and then if you’ve made the right guess, you will receive a reward.

It’s also worth noting that many people are drawn to lottery-based games due to the online community. Since lottery games, in general, are associated with community events, playing Keno online with your friends online cannot is another opportunity to pass the time with people that share the same interests.

Moreover, online keno games are completely transparent regarding their features, odds, and gameplay. For example, the max payout of the game is available at the game’s payout table, as well as the RTP and any other relevant information about the gameplay RTP.

So, in short, online Keno offers faster gameplay, and the results pop up instantly, compared to the traditional format. Plus, you can also choose to play in auto-play mode, which further enhances the speed of the gameplay, and just sit back and enjoy your game.

Keno strategies

You should be aware that Keno doesn’t offer a lot of options to impact the final outcome because it is a game of chance. However, there are some tips and strategies that can be applied to different Keno games.

Firstly, if you choose to pick more numbers you could potentially hit higher keno payouts, but the chances of landing a winning combo drop significantly. This is why some experts recommend sticking to six numbers as a balanced way of playing the game.

Otherwise, some people keep tabs on the numbers that are frequently drawn in Keno, which influences their decisions. Also, it’s equally important to take a look at the available offers and bonuses because they can also enhance your gaming experience and are specifically designed for Keno players. Lastly, you’ve probably heard the saying  – never bet more than you can lose, and that is particularly important for any lottery-based games which don’t have the best odds because they are typically impacted by pure luck.

As a result, your skills or strategy are not necessarily able make a difference also you can take into account the odds of the game. In case you’re not sure how a specific game operates, the good news is that many online casinos on both their mobile and desktop platform offer the option to play the game in demo mode or for free.

Keno and businesses ventures

The global gambling market was worth around $449.04 billion in 2022, and that was substantial proof that Keno and other games of chance are in demand right now. So, if you have an experience in business and you will be glad to know that this represents one of the most profitable sectors that connects you with an international audience of Keno players and fans of other games of chance.

That said, you should take into account that Keno is a game of chance. You will need a proper license in order to focus on your platform.

For example, typically, Keno is promoted alongside other lottery-based games and bingo games. That is a good combination because normally, people that like to play Keno will also try their luck with the lotto or bingo afterward.

In this case, it’s necessary for online brands to have a valid gambling license. Based on your location, you will either need a gambling license in order to operate legally. For example, in Denmark, there is the Danish Gambling Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and other organizations Swedish Gambling Authority, that provide licenses.

In addition, there is also great demand for online casino games which is why there is an increasing number of online casino sites where they will be able to play Keno scratchcards, bingo games, and other games as well.

There is a solid range of developers that want to expand the selection of games of chance because it’s not a dominant aspect of online gambling sites such as casino games, for example. Nevertheless, it is another good business combination since both Keno and casino games are games of chance.

Mobile apps

Another way to engage in the world of Keno without building a dedicated Keno platform is by developing a mobile app. Again, you will need a proper license if you’re offering any game of chance with real funds.

However, mobile apps that feature Keno are quite successful because they offer a mobile gaming experience accessible to any fan of Keno on both Apple and Android devices.

Since there is an increasing number of mobile users, we tend to spend most of our free time on our smartphones, and a lot of Keno players would like to be able to access their accounts anytime, anywhere, and play their favorite games on the go. So, investing in a good Keno application that is attractive to fans of the game could definitely be a good move business-wise since this is a popular online game.


In conclusion, Keno is a fun game that is appealing to any beginner or experienced Keno player. Not only do the online versions create more engaging gameplay, and it also offers you a chance to enjoy different bonuses, promotions, as well as loyalty rewards. In addition, many businesses can engage in this industry by offering Keno alongside other games of chance or investing in separate applications.


Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit https://www.begambleaware.org

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