Lord Hague: The ‘British election weakened the governments negotiating position’ over Brexit


Brexit woes

The former Conservative leader, Lord Hague has warned that Britain will get a bad deal over Brexit due to the shocking result over the general election.

Lord Hague said in an interview with Radio5 Live that Theresa May’s government position was “weakened” by May’s slim majority and the supply deal she did with the Irish DUP.

Lord Hague said: [The EU] know that the result of the British election weakened the British government’s negotiating position. It absolutely did. Of course [ May is] not in anything like as strong a position as if she’d won a majority of 60 or 100 or whatever it might have been in the House of Commons.

“So, Britain will get a worse deal as a result of the election. I think there is no question about that.

“Is it going to be a difficult negotiation? Yes it is… There’s going to be big bust ups. Nobody should think there’s some smooth process by which you bring this about.

“We’ll end up having to pay more. We’ll pay a bigger price for leaving, I think, because of the uncertainties of the election result.

“I don’t think calling the election was a mistake. I think the result was a mistake. Collectively, by the people of this country. And I think there was a pretty poor Conservative campaign.”