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Londoners hit the bottle during lockdown as beer supplies rocket

by LLB Reporter
7th Apr 20 12:01 pm

A craft beer and natural wine supplier has seen sales skyrocket 1000% in the past 30 days, after launching a one-hour home delivery service to supply lockdown London, and the millions of people who are self-isolating.

Nationwide supplier Rebelliousgoods.com has seen a massive spike in online orders from self-isolating Londoners, since it launched its ‘home delivery in an hour’ service.

With Brits turning to the booze to help them cope with being cooped up all day, the online business has seen eleven times more orders this month compared to February.

While average order sizes are treble pre-coronavirus levels, as Londoners stockpile to drown their sorrows while on lockdown.

The business also says its busiest time for orders is between 10am and midday, suggesting that customers are enjoying a tipple during the day, possibly to help keep family tensions in check.

Rebellious Goods started offering a one-hour delivery service across the capital, to meet exceptional public demand for non-mass produced beers and wines, after hundreds of craft beer bottle shops and independent wine bars were forced to close.

With many wholesalers struggling to switch to distributing to the general public, and major supermarkets not stocking specialist craft beers, natural wines and spirits, the company is servicing a need.

Founders Terry Francis and Anni Bauer saw an opportunity to provide quality beers and wines to a captive house-bound audience.

By providing a fast home delivery service, they have been able to keep existing customers stocked up, as well as opening up the craft beer and natural wine market to a new audience.

Rebellious Goods is also able to continue to buy from and support small, local producers, many of which are struggling to keep their heads above water with distribution chains on pause, as many wholesalers close down.

Anni Bauer, co-founder of craft beer and natural wine supplier Rebellious Goods said, “We wanted to make sure that during this difficult time, when all restaurants and bars are closed, people are still able to enjoy amazing craft beers and natural wines at home, and not be forced to buy mass produced booze from supermarkets, where they may also spread or be exposed to the virus.

“We also wanted to find a way to support small, local producers, who have been hit badly by Covid-19 and have lost their income streams overnight. They would normally rely on wholesalers bulk buying, but those wholesalers have stopped buying.

“Demand for craft beers and natural wines has never been higher and the response to our one-hour service has been phenomenal. We’re having to take on more delivery staff to meet demand. We’re also attracting a new audience, because we are making the products more accessible to people who might have seen them previously as “booze for snobs and hipsters”.

“Order sizes are three times larger than normal, and we’re seeing most people buying in the morning, when we thought evenings would be our busiest times. I guess it’s a long time to be stuck at home. Clearly, enjoying a drink during the day is making the lockdown bearable.”

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