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London voted as the best place to start a gardening business

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3rd Oct 19 4:31 pm

London has been voted for the best place for starting gardening and landscaping business, according to a report by AXA Business Insurance. Reports also reveal that an average household spends about £600 on garden improvements. This is entirely different compared to the amount of money and interest people from other parts of the country are willing to invest in gardening.

A representative from Home Garden, a prominent gardening company, has recently revealed that according to the quoted figures it shows how little the public actually regards gardening duties. However, when it comes to the area around London and Scotland they are willing to invest a lot more. But as far as discipline, knowledge, and design needed for the project they still need the help of experts.

Gardening is getting back as a hobby for a big group of people. Some people even do gardening because it’s good for mental health. Gardening also has huge environmental benefits, plants have the ability to remove pollutants from the air, if the plant is in in-door it can remove toxins from air, etc. Many people also say that plants give so much life to living space.

Statistics show that an average person in London is capable of spending £600 on their garden. People in Scotland and the North East areas have the same mindset. Scottish people spend £556 on average while Northerners invest £514 in order to make their gardens look better. However, the rest of the country is not willing to invest so much in a garden and usually spend around £473.

People in places like Wales, the South West and the North West of the country actually spend far less than £400 and also prefer doing much of the work on their own. They have reported that relying on professional help is not necessary when it comes to making your own garden.

Actually, when it comes to the survey conducted by AXA only 10% of people are willing to entrust the help of professionals in order to design their gardens. However, the number raises to 64% of respondents in situations like building a wall, 61% for constructing a deck, 58% if they needed to erect a fence, and 59% if they needed to cut a tree.

As far as expected pricing for consumers they are willing to pay £400 for common building tasks, £378 for terracing, £390 for a garden design, and £290 for a pond installation.

These numbers do not really indicate the level of professionalism of the people doing this nor does it actually means that people are unwilling to pay garden services. But the figures do show that people in London and North Eastern areas value this type of work more. This is also the reason why so many gardening companies exist in London. Since these areas represent a favorable market for them chances are that we are going to see a lot more companies doing the same when it comes to gardening duties and necessities.

Additionally, people with enough knowledge on the matter feel that professional services are much more necessary and beneficial than people give them credit for. If you are not really looking to make a spectacular garden and or see it as something that you are doing to pass the time, then no professional help is really needed. However, when it comes to doing things by the books, then seeking the help of professionals is truly important.

So, we got to the conclusion that gardening is a very good hobby for people who have some extra time and money to invest, its good for their mental health, For start, you don’t need too much money to invest but if you want you can make it as something exasperating in the end. Londoners are the ones who understand this and gardening opportunities will continue to strive here.

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