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London to save over £200,000 by turning off Oxford Street Christmas Lights

by LLB Reporter
9th Nov 22 9:38 am

While many of us have been looking forward to the Christmas lights going up across London this year, some cost-cutting measures have been put into place to reflect the current energy crisis and the worries about energy supplies running low.

Oxford Street is famous around the world for its beautiful displays throughout the Christmas period. It’s been reported by pantriplondon.com that this year’s famous display features 5,000 joyful stars made up of over 300,000 LED bulbs, ensuring lots of festive cheer throughout the capital.

Oxford street’s lights are usually switched on throughout the day and night, however following the big switch on, the displays will only be alight between 3 pm and 11 pm. But how much are councils likely to save by implementing this measure?

The business energy experts Bionic have calculated that by reducing the number of hours from 3 pm until 11 pm, a saving of an astounding £221,760 over the festive period will be made, a massive 66%. By this Friday, a huge saving of £33,600 will have been made!

Les Roberts, spokesperson for Bionic said, “The cost of energy is going up for everyone, from everyday consumers to businesses and councils of any size.

“LED lights are a great cost-saving alternative to filament bulbs. As they’re more energy-efficient, using them across your festive displays can help to cut your energy costs. But it’s also important to be mindful of how and when you use energy. On top of saving money by using energy-efficient LED bulbs instead of filament bulbs, Oxford Street is also making excellent energy savings by cutting the number of hours that the lights are on.”

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