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London ranks first in the list of cities with the highest utility bills

by LLB Reporter
15th Feb 23 12:12 pm

New research has revealed the top 10 cities in the UK with the highest utility bills – and London places top of the list.

Experts at Solar Panel Installation analysed the average cost of utility bills across the UK, including energy, gas, and water, to determine the areas which are paying the most and which will be the worst affected by the 20% rise in energy prices in April this year.

Ranking first on the list of the cities with the highest utility bills is London. The capital of the UK has a total annual cost of £3,221.04, equating to £268.42 a month.

West Midlands city Coventry comes in second in the list with a staggering cost of £3,044.40 annually on utilities.

Third in the ranking is Leeds. The city has a monthly average utility bill of £242.36, making that an astounding annual total of £2,908.32.

Southern cities Bristol and Southampton take the fourth and fifth spots with an annual utility bill priced at £2,779.92 and £2,762.40, respectively.

Following behind is Derby ranking sixth with an average bill of £2,753.52 as well as Sheffield in the seventh spot with utilities costing £2,743.20 a year on average.

Plymouth takes the eighth spot in the list with an annual cost of £2,685 on utilities, while its neighbour Exeter places ninth facing a bill of £2,641.44.

Last on the list is Manchester with the tenth highest utility bill, costing an average of £2,604.48 each year.

On the other end of the scale, Portsmouth has the cheapest utility bills, with the average annual cost being £1,424.04.

A spokesperson from Solar Panel Installation has commented on the findings: “The past year has seen energy prices explode – Brits have experienced a 54% increase last April, a 27% increase in October, and are now facing a 20% rise in April this year.“

While it’s clear that these particular cities face a higher risk with the rising cost of energy that is set to happen in the coming months, it’s interesting to see that there isn’t a specific region dominating the list, with cities such as Manchester from the North West and Bristol from the South West making the top 10.

“Getting into a habit of becoming more energy efficient can be a huge help to cutting down the cost of your utility bill, such as only running your dishwasher when it is completely full, keeping doors closed to trap the heat in, and even taking advantage of the sunlight by letting it pass through windows for warmth.”

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