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Leaked ‘confidential’ doc exposes worst-case scenario over Covid and no-Brexit

by LLB Politics Reporter
23rd Aug 20 2:25 pm

A leaked Cabinet Office “confidential” dossier exposes emergency plans for the “reasonable worst-case scenario”, if the UK is hit with a second coronavirus wave which coincides with a no-deal Brexit.

The dossier leaked to the Sun newspaper warns that the military could be drafted to airdrop food in the Channel Islands and the Royal Navy could be required to stop British fishermen clashing with illegal European fishing boat incursions.

Troops could be deployed onto the streets of England should there be public disorder due to the economic toll causing shortages and price hikes, and if town halls go bust.

If haulage lorries are stranded in Dover parts of the UK may face power and petrol shortages, along with medicines caused by port blockages.

The Cabinet Office dossier further reveals that if trade restrictions are triggered due to a no-deal Brexit along with flu a second coronavirus wave then hospitals could be overwhelmed.

Scientists are very fearful that the winter months could bring a second wave across the UK.

A spokeswoman for the government said the confidential dossier “reflects a responsible government ensuring we are ready for all eventualities.”

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said, “We got Brexit done with a great deal in January and we are working flat out to make sure the United Kingdom is ready for the changes and huge opportunities at the end of the year as we regain our political and economic independence for the first time in almost fifty years.

“Part of this work includes routine contingency planning for various scenarios that we do not think will happen, but we must be ready for come what may. Whether we trade with the EU on terms similar to Canada or to Australia, a brighter future awaits as we forge our own path.”

A government spokeswoman added, “At the end of the year we will be outside the single market and the customs union, whatever the outcome of negotiations, and intensive planning is under way to help ensure that businesses and citizens are ready to take advantage of the opportunities and changes that will bring.

“This includes launching a comprehensive communications campaign to make sure everyone knows what they need to do to prepare.

“As a responsible government we continue to make extensive preparations for a wide range of scenarios, including the reasonable worst case.

“This is not a forecast or prediction of what will happen but rather a stretching scenario. It reflects a responsible government ensuring we are ready for all eventualities.”

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