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Latest car care and MOT trends you should know as an entrepreneur

by Sarah Dunsby
7th Jun 24 1:28 pm

It is difficult to be an entrepreneur in today’s rapidly moving world – with no idea of what tomorrow will hold, it is all but impossible to predict what products and services will be wanted or needed. But one thing that we will continue to use until teleportation is perfected (which is highly unlikely to ever happen, in all honesty) is transport. And if you can be sure that you and many others will continue to drive cars for years to come, not only can you take steps to keep your vehicle in great condition, but you can perhaps begin to tailor your fledging business around car care and MOT trends. But what are the trends in this area? Let’s have a look.

Electric is going to be big(ger)

Electric cars have enjoyed something like stop-start popularity, with the first EVs disappointing drivers with relatively low range and few – if any – charging stations available. But they are gradually gaining ground, with sales increasing year-on-year. Hybrid cars fill an important niche too, overcoming any range issues while still offering a reduced carbon footprint. As the technology improves and countries begin to outlaw ICE cars, it is almost inevitable that electric cars will become the norm. Most of the MOT inspectors are already trained in electric vehicles and the MOT checklist will change in time to include more items relevant to EVs while ICE factors fall away. This transition will ensure that MOT providers can meet the demands of an electric future and maintain their relevance. Similarly, for today’s entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to keep pace with these developments. By embracing these advancements, business owners can not only cater to today’s automotive trends but also future-proof their operations in an ever-changing market. Therefore at the moment, no matter what kind of car you have, if you are looking for MOT services in Buckinghamshire; appointments are available 6 days a week at Broadway Autocentres.

When in doubt go green

Eco friendliness is on the up, and this will accelerate as the effects of climate change – already very obvious in some parts of the world: record temperatures, drastic changes in rainfall, and more frequent fires and geographic events – become even more noticeable and spread to involve every country in the world. You can employ your entrepreneurial skills in coming up with solutions to carbon hungry products and services, promoting green products and services and actively working to promote carbon capture, sustainable business practices and more.

Hopefully the future is small

Despite the growing awareness of the relative eco-unfriendliness of the motor industry, car sizes have slowly been increasing over the last few decades: hardy off-road-capable pick-up trucks from the 80s look positively minuscule compared to modern SUVs whose sole purpose is the school and grocery run. With resources becoming scarce and growing awareness of climate change as well as a more willing embrace of policies to reverse global heating, this will hopefully soon translate into smaller cars all round. Smaller vehicles will use less energy, whether fossil fuel or electricity, require fewer resources to manufacture and even free up parking spaces so more people can fit along one street or into a car park – a relatively small concern in the grand scheme of things, but one that can be a huge irritant to commuters, no matter if they are fighting for space in busy, overcrowded London or even in the more tranquil Buckinghamshire which has its own lack of parking spaces to contend with!

Entrepreneurs might be having a tough time of it right now, but the challenges presented by the state of the world can also offer opportunities if the right person has the right idea at exactly the right time.

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