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Laptops could be banned from UK to US flights

25th Apr 17 10:09 am

Will this be a problem for you?

Passengers flying from the UK to the US could face a ban on carrying a laptop in their hand luggage.

The Times reported that Donald Trump could be extending the ban on large electronic devices on Europe flights.

Both the UK and US governments put a ban on laptops last month from flights coming from some Middle Eastern countries.

These restrictions meant that any device bigger than a phone must be checked in and cannot be carried on board in hand luggage.

The ban left passengers worried as some were concerned that devices could get damaged in the hold.

British security chiefs have reportedly been warned that the US is planning to impose the ban on some European countries, it’s not yet known whether Britain will definitely be included in the plan.

The move could reportedly be implemented within weeks.

One Whitehall source told the newspaper: “As with everything from Trump’s America, there are conflicting reports about where, when and what,”

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