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Landmines detonate in Croatia as wildfires spread to Portugal and Gran Canaria

by LLB staff reporter
26th Jul 23 11:38 am

Wildfires have now spread to Portugal and strong winds are making it more difficult for firefighters to tackle a huge blaze.

The popular holiday destination of Cacais which is north west of Lisbon and residents and police are throwing water over their homes and are using hosepipes to protect their properties.

In the mountainous region of Sintra-Cascais around 600 firefighters are battling to contain the fire and the area is around 56 square miles which started at 5pm on Tuesday.

Gusts of winds of up to 60 kph are the biggest challenge for firefighters which is helping to spread to the fires and people are being evacuated, the Mayor of Cascais Carlos Carreiras said.

“The fear now is that it will get to the houses,” said 34-year-old Ines Figueiredo as smoke filled the air.

“We try to help as much as we can with buckets… but it’s not worth much.”

In Croatia landmines have detonated by wildfires which were left over from the 1990s war of independence.

The incident happened on a hill near to the popular holiday destination, Dubrovnik in the Petrarca.

The Croatian Firefighters Community (HVZ) said, “A hurricane southern wind blowing in the Dubrovnik-Neretva canton has fuelled a widespread open space fire in the area of the Dubrovnik Plat community.”

In Gran Canaria last night a wildfire rapidly spread through the Spanish island and hundreds of villagers were evacuated to safety and some roads were closed.

A witness told Reuters that they saw flames just yards away from an antennae on the top of a mountain which is linked to air traffic control.

Antonio Morales, head of the Island Council of Gran Canaria said that the wildfires has burned through around 200 hectares of forest.

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