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Labour leader denies altercation with Boris after PMQs

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
4th Feb 21 4:19 pm

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has denied that there was any altercation with the Prime Minister after PMQs on Wednesday.

Sir Keir told journalists that they were both simply continuing their discussions that were raised over PMQs.

On Wednesday there were reports that Sir Keir was “puce with anger” and that he was “wagging his finger aggressively” at Johnson.

It was alleged by witnesses that Sir Keir Starmer “lost it” and was berating Johnson.

During PMQs the leaders clashed as Johnson accused Sir Keir of repeatedly calling for the UK to stay in the European Medicines Agency after Brexit.

It has been said that Labour whip Chris Matheson had to lead Sir Keir away as their conversation became so heated as the Labour leader was “wagging his finger aggressively at the PM.”

Tory MP Mark Francois told the Sun newspaper, “As I was walking out of the chamber, I saw Sir Keir and PM standing near the entrance to the aye lobby.

“He was puce with anger, and wagging his finger aggressively at the PM, who was telling him to check the record.”

Matheson said the claims were “absolute b****cks,” adding “there was a brief chat and the Keir and I left together. Nothing more to is than that.”

But an anonymous eyewitness told the Sun that Sir Keir had a “bit of a meltdown,” whilst a Labour source said “they had a perfectly reasonable conversation as they often do after PMQs.”

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