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Kusto Group’s Yerkin Tatishev buys KazBeef, provides high quality meat and financial success

by Sarah Dunsby
20th Jun 23 7:10 am

Since Kusto Group’s Chairman Yerkin Tatishev bought out meat manufacturer KazBeef, the company has seen massive improvement in quality and sales. Whereas before KazBeef suffered from negative circumstances such as “overcrowded feedlots” according to Food World News, it now provides high quality meat for top restaurants in Dubai.

Kusto Group officially bought KazBeef in 2018. With its knowledge of crop production in Ukraine, the company was able to start exporting meat from Kazakhstan to Russia, Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Kusto Group ensured the establishment of an additional feedlot about double the size of the first. This cemented the opportunity for better meat production and exportation capacity.

Some found it surprising that a company such as Kusto Group, specializing in crops and crop exportation, would succeed in the saturated meat industry. Yerkin Tatishev and his colleagues found unique solutions to simplify the feedlots, create more space for the animals and ensure a more streamlined process with foreign countries regarding product trade and financial transactions.

Despite opening in the times nearing the global pandemic, KazBeef under Tatishev increased health and safety standards. Moreover, new industries benefitted from the revitalized business, including Dubai’s prized luxury restaurants.

Meat industry growth in recent years

According to Statista, Europe’s meat market is projected to grow by 6.25% every year from 2023 to 2028. Despite some rumors of the meat industry shrinking due to supplementary vegetarian products, it is indeed growing at a rapid pace.

Due to overall population and income increases across many Eastern European countries, there are no signs of the meat industry narrowing. With more companies and tech solutions taking over global markets, many families will not only grow by numbers of children but by paycheck amounts, too. This incites an expected increase of meat sales.

KazBeef’s expansion serves developing countries that have reached new heights in business and economy. Growing the meat industry based on the new demand is essential to uphold economic standards and reach larger numbers of people eating at restaurants, staying at hotels and feeding the family at home.

Incentive to build up meat industry throughout Europe

The UAE is a thriving hub that serves as an intersection between technology and culture. Part of its cultural climate includes exquisite restaurants and top-tier hotels. Meat consumption in Europe is far from stagnant. There have been large investments in animal farming and meat production due to its historical uses such as family satiation and overall health.

In an article by The Guardian, the author reports that the average European citizen (EU27) consumes about 1.5kg a week. This number is expected to rise. Vegetarian substitutes have not reached the popularity they have in the United States. The animals are also raised differently in Europe. They have more space and better living conditions, such as feed quality. This is exactly why KazBeef decided to expand in Europe. There is high demand for better products, and KazBeef found a way to serve the need.

KazBeef signed an agreement in December 2021 with Wisk Foodstuff Trading to provide only the best quality meat with enhanced production methods to restaurants and hotels in the UAE. The two partners met at the Gulfood Exhibition in 2021. By April 2021, the first KazBeef products were shipped to Dubai for restaurant and hotel guests to enjoy.

Deciding on business ventures to increase consumer satisfaction

KazBeef expanded its presence, especially in Dubai, to meet the needs of consumers. A modest pursuit, KazBeef ensured its expansion was only to serve the needs of those involved, from restaurants to B2B partners.

In addition, animal safety was a priority throughout the company’s sale. Creating space for the animals was a crucial element of KazBeef’s growth. Dubai is also a bustling hub of tourists, locals and businesspeople. Due to this, the need for high-quality meat that is raised appropriately proved even greater. The restaurant industry is evolving and necessitates brands like the new and improved KazBeef.

With its existing industry knowledge and stable record of accomplishment, KazBeef was an easier choice for Yerkin. The initial sale and standing partnerships have proved successful and helpful for the overall industry and consumers themselves. They are satisfied with KazBeef meat products. Continued growth is expected in the years to come.

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