Jeremy Clarkson "kicked off" from flight by Argentinian airport worker


Uh oh

Former Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson is furious after an Argentinian airport employee allegedly stopped him from boarding a flight from Germany to the UK.

Clarkson branded the ordeal as a “hate crime” and claimed him and his two co-hosts, James May and Richard Hammond, were “kicked off” the flight from Stuttgart to London Heathrow.

The trio were to board a BA flight to London after filming for their new programme, the Grand Tour, when they were barred from boarding.

Clarkson accused the airline employee of “telling colleagues the three men were too drunk to fly, which prevented them boarding”.

“He’s a stupid, bitter and twisted little man,” Clarkson told the Sun.

He went on to say that the airport employee “made us miss our plane and he will pay for it. The police said it was a hate crime and he would be arrested. Yes, even the Germans were 100 per cent on our side — for once”.