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Investors who are changing the way the world sees AI

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25th Feb 21 1:59 pm

Gone are the days when artificial intelligence was a concept that only seemed believable in science fiction. Technology has advanced so much that the capabilities of real-life AI seems to grow by the month. However, many companies still appear reluctant to adopt this near-autonomous tech.

From concerns over the complexities of artificial intelligence to the need to rethink data management strategies, there are plenty of reasons why AI isn’t commonplace yet. However, if these investors have their way, that will all change soon enough. They’re showing the world exactly why artificial intelligence is the only way forward.

Mark Cuban

One investor who has a strong interest in artificial intelligence is Mark Cuban. The man is so passionate about AI that the presence of it apparently affects whether or not he chooses to invest in a company.

According to one of his own social media posts, how good a business is at artificial intelligence is “the foundation of how [he] invest[s] in stocks.” He highlights Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft as associates with their incorporation of AI technology.

Simply by highlighting their strengths and placing more money into the places where artificial intelligence is prominent, he moves development forward. As other investors try to play smart and follow his lead, companies may find themselves having to hone in on AI in order to attract interest. As they join the fold and increase competition between them and existing giants like Apple, we’ll likely see AI developed at a faster, more creative rate.

If this doesn’t happen in the next few years, we can expect to see its impact within a couple of decades, given Mark Cuban’s investment in the next generation. His commitment to funding $2 million into a program that teaches high school students about AI will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences once those teenagers become tech developers themselves.

Tej Kohli

It’s tough to pinpoint exactly how much artificial intelligence will be worth someday, but if you were to ask Tej Kohli, he’d put the figure at $150 trillion. That was a claim made back in 2019, and his optimistic amount is no surprise given how dedicated the technologist is to AI.

In that same year, Tej Kohli invested $100 million into the Rewired fund, which is rooted in the “AI revolution”. A number of humanitarian-leading applications are already being developed through it, which could shape the world for the better. From creating AI drones that can optimise solar power to AI robots that can increase plastic recycling rates, it’s clear that the capabilities of artificial intelligence are immeasurable. There’s so much that can be achieved through this technology, much of which hasn’t even been thought of yet.

Tej Kohli’s investments shine new light on AI’s prospects and prove it’s more than just a propellor for business. As more people realise what artificial intelligence can do to better the world and the people on it, inventions like those mentioned above will only increase in number.

Andreessen Horowitz

If anyone is pioneering artificial intelligence in as many areas as possible, its Andreessen Horowitz. The venture capital firm has invested billions into helping tech entrepreneurs develop technology that can transform AI for the better.

Included in their investments is a bio fund dedicated to creating artificial intelligence that can improve the medical field. Given how many diseases still affect us today without a proper cure, the more improvements that can be made, the better. By funding AI here, Andreessen Horowitz may well save lives, a stark contrast to the picture that some people have of AI destroying them.


With more than 40 years of tech investment behind them, CRV is an old hand at funding essential technology. Despite being a venture capital firm made up of a large team, investment decisions are made equally, with much of their focus being on artificial intelligence.

Not only have they funded an AI project aiming to cure cancer, but they’ve also put money into a company that collects and analyses aerospace data.

Significant development is being made with artificial intelligence in this area, with the potential for space exploration far-reaching. Given the human limitations that can stand in the way of this, AI, could help mankind make quicker, more significant leaps towards understanding what’s out there. Creations like the Mars Rover prove that technology can cope far better in space than the rest of us can. So, if AI tech can be developed that serves a similar purpose, we may well start making discoveries that were once considered impossible.

It’s no wonder, then, that investors like CRV are making the investments that they are.

While many people still just see artificial intelligence as all-knowing robots to be feared, it’s clear that the reality of AI is far different. Its potential applications can help us in more ways than we know, and thanks to these investors, we’ll get to see that with our own eyes.

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