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Introducing the future of payment, the Banxe Card: Spend crypto with the free card this February!

by Sarah Dunsby
9th Feb 24 1:10 pm

A global provider of banking and crypto solutions, Banxe, is thrilled to announce the newest addition to its product suite: the Banxe Card. A state-of-the-art contactless debit Mastercard, Banxe Card paves the way for seamless global transactions, whether you’re a globe-trotter or a local business enthusiast. The Banxe Card, available in virtual and physical forms, perfect for both online and offline payments, enables seamless transactions anywhere across the globe, boasting 24/7 crypto and money top-up capabilities, high ATM withdrawal limits, and transparent low fees. The sleek all-black card caters to both individual and business needs, tailored for entrepreneurs, startups, crypto enthusiasts, and digital nomads.

To get on board, you can simply open a Banxe account from where the card can be ordered. To celebrate Banxe’s birthday in February, the card is free to order, with no monthly fees, and it includes complementary physical card delivery.

Banxe opens a gateway to a vast cryptocurrency market, allowing its clients to access over 350 cryptocurrencies and facilitate payments easily. Moreover, one of the many features of Banxe is its distinct International Bank Account Number (IBAN), offering users a level of personalised financial management that sets it apart in the market. With the Banxe Card, clients can now conveniently handle their financial transactions around the clock, with the much-needed flexibility and freedom. There is also no need to worry about the inability to transfer SEPA during nighttime or weekends, or about expensive SWIFT transfers. With Banxe, clients can top-up their account with cryptocurrency any time of the day or night and seamlessly convert their crypto into GBP. They can immediately top-up the card balance and continue shopping, making personal or business-related payments, or even treating their business partners to dinner.

Security is at the forefront of the Banxe Card’s design, implementing 3D Secure, Multi-factor Authentication, and the ability to swiftly block or freeze transactions and set limits right from their account, ensuring safe and secure transactions at every step.

With the card’s launch, Banxe continues its focus on dependability, security, exceptional service, and unwavering operational stability to ensure that clients have a worry-free payment solution around the clock. Banxe is also gearing up to unveil a range of new products, with upcoming solutions and services designed to streamline daily banking and cryptocurrency interactions.

“The launch of the Banxe Card reaffirms our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art banking experience that caters to the evolving needs of our global clients,” says Alex Guts, CEO of Banxe.

For more information about the Banxe Card or to open an account, visit Banxe.

About Banxe:

Banxe is a leading crypto and banking solution provider dedicated to streamlining financial processes through innovative products and services. Banxe offers a hybrid payment solution to customers to buy, sell, store, and exchange over 350 cryptocurrencies and to make local and international transfers from a multi-currency payment account with a dedicated IBAN.

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