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Installation of business signs: A complete guide

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5th Nov 20 5:13 pm

There are many reasons why signs are critical business tools. Firstly, they are an important part of marketing and ensuring that your business is noticed. Secondly, signs also serve as maps to direct your guests and ensure that everything goes on smoothly. But the problem is that it can take a lot of time to get to grips with the right kind of sign that you need, where to place it, and the correct way of installing it. If you have a new business and you have never had to do this, it might feel too overwhelming for you. Luckily, that’s why we are here. In this article, we show you a complete guide to how you can install that LED open sign or any other sign. Read on to learn more.

How to mount your signs

Different methods are used to install different sign types. Here is a rundown of the signs and the best method for installing them.

Do-it-yourself installation:

It’s not every time that you have to hire a professional to install a Neon Open Sign for you. In this section, we are going to talk about some signs that are quite easy to install, and even you can do it and save money. It also means that you can reinstall them without any problem at all. They include the following:

  • Banners: These are easily hung through ropes that you only need to thread via the eyelets.
  • Decals: Sign companies often create signs such as window graphics and they come with adhesive surfaces to allow you simply apply them.
  • Freestanding: these signs, for instance, A-frame sidewalk signs, require no installation.
  • Coroplast signs:they can easily be installed by only using simple adhesive products. Another alternative is to just hang it.
  • Acrylic and Foam: It’s a light sign that you can easily attach to the wall. All you need is a double-sided tape.

Professional installation:

As you would expect, there are some complicated signage products that work best when they are installed by a qualified professional. It would be in your best interest to even consult your signage company. The signs that will require an expert to install include the following:

  • Illuminated signs: If you have any sign that has lighting needs, just know that they require an expert to install. This is to ensure that the electrical connections are on point. A LED Open Signis an example of a sign that contains light.
  • Aluminum Panels: You can hire a handyman to install these signs using anchors and screw mounting.
  • Monuments: For this type of sign to be installed, a sign company will usually to erect a base of stone, brick, and metal monument at the place where the sign is to be mounted.
  • Digital signage: These types of signs are usually trickier to install. As such, they will require the expertise of a fabricator or an electrician.
  • Posts: There are some sign products that are best installed using posts. To install these, enlist the help of an expert or a handyman to help you to secure it properly to the ground as well as the mounting.

Choosing the perfect location for your sign

The location of your sign is of critical importance. Even if you have the highest-quality sign and the most visually-attractive one, it will serve no purpose if it is hidden from potential customers. Here are some tips to ensure that you choose a location that gives your signage the highest level of visibility.

Find out with the relevant local authorities to ensure that you don’t break any sign regulation in your area. This will also help you to know whether a permit is required to hang your sign outdoors. You may need to have a chat with the owner of the building in which your business is housed to make sure the coast is clear before you install your sign.

If a sign projects from the ceiling, it needs to be a minimum of 85 inches from the ground. It helps to ensure that no one can bump into it.

For maximum visibility, you need to put your indoor signage at eye-level. Alternatively, you may want to put them at any other location that your eye is drawn naturally.

You also need to calculate the distance from which your sign will be viewed. This will enable you to know whether your sign will not only be visible but also legible from such a distance or not.

Remove any obstacles such as street poles and trees that may interfere with the visibility of your signs.

It’s also incredibly important to ensure that the signage is placed at an optimal height. The rule of thumb is that a sign has more angles of viewing when it is placed higher.

As a pro tip, you should test the location of the sign with proof made to scale. Put it at the same spot exactly to check if it’s legible.

Getting the best for your business

It’s not just enough that you have invested in a sign. Finding the right location for your sign will ensure its visibility and make it to attract more customers. It can also increase sales and traffic to your storefront.

At Green Light Innovations, we pride ourselves on building high-quality signs that are guaranteed to captivate the attention of your customers and bring them right in. To get the maximum benefits of your sign, it’s important to hire the right signage company. We have years of experience consistently producing top-notch signs that make our clients’ businesses to stand out.

We understand the important role that your sign plays. It’s the first thing that your customers will see and so it’s very important that it’s of the highest quality possible and also placed strategically where it can be seen with ease. Putting all these factors in mind, we design, create and install signs that are outstanding. Just call us today and you will never regret doing so. More importantly, you will join the list of happy customers who continue to vouch for us to this day.

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