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Industries that were relatively unaffected by the pandemic

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29th Mar 21 10:39 am

 Read on to find out which businesses and industries are pandemic safe 

The pandemic has obviously taken a massive toll on businesses worldwide. Whether it be because of lockdowns, lack of travel, or any other symptom of the pandemic, businesses have taken huge damage. 

However, there have been businesses that have stayed, well, in business, and some industries even soared during the pandemic. This post will look at which businesses and industries are “pandemic proof”.

The Medical field

Clearly, during a pandemic, the one industry that would not only survive, but also thrive, is the medical industry. Hospitals, doctors offices and practices, and almost everything in between didn’t close down, and barely any, if any, employees had to be let go. 

While some aspects, like dentistry and plastic surgery, may have struggled, they were still most definitely needed. It is also important to note that at-home caregivers, nurses and the like also thrived during this time. 

Elderly people who were forced to stay home needed people to take care of them, and the in-home caregivers and nurses played a vital part in protecting and caring for those who needed them.

Supermarkets/grocery stores

Obviously, whether you can leave your house or not, whether you are in lockdown or not, you still need groceries and everything else you can get at a store. Every single day you might need something new, a lightbulb, a frozen chicken, or just some bottled water. 

Supermarkets and grocery stores staying open has also led to the growth of the delivery industry. Most brands and businesses had to very quickly improve their delivery infrastructure, almost overnight.

This in turn ensured they could still do business, as well as having the secondary effect of creating more jobs for drivers, and being able to employ more people to deliver goods. There are multiple layers to this industry that just couldn’t stop operations, from the producers, to the packaging factories, the sellers, and everything in between.


Obviously e-commerce is an industry that would thrive during a pandemic. Being able to order what you need online, pay online, and then just wait for it to be delivered to your door is the way most people in a lot of countries have to shop for a very long time. 

Many businesses and companies also had to very quickly improve their e-commerce capabilities, or in some cases create an e-commerce side to their business. Either way, e-commerce thrived, and has now been taken to a much higher level than it would have been without a pandemic forcing it to improve. 


An industry that remained rather unaffected by the pandemic was construction. Once again, while many industries came to a halt, construction was allowed to continue in most parts of the world, maybe on a smaller scale, with more regulations in place, but it continued. 

In some places, once lockdowns were eased, the need for construction companies increased dramatically as people were looking to build and take advantage of a real estate market that had taken a hit, and was on a down turn.

IT and digital services

Another industry that is unaffected by a pandemic is the IT and digital industries, and for one simple reason, you can do the work from anywhere. Most of the jobs within these sectors do not require you to be in an office, let alone meet with clients or such. 

IT, digital marketing, copywriting, social media management and quite literally every other job and title you can think of within the niche can be done with a laptop or computer from home, and therefore can easily survive a period of time where people are in lockdown. 

Meetings and the like can also be easily done through online services such as Zoom, completely eliminating the need to go into an office. 


Much like the medical industries, there is no way pharmaceutical companies could stop operating, especially during a time where the right medicine could be the difference between life and death. 

Completely ignoring the medicine needed to help during the pandemic, people don’t stop getting sick with other ailments or all of a sudden recover from ailments they did have, they still need the medicine they needed pre-pandemic.

Car sales and repairs

Once again, another industry that just didn’t stop because it really couldn’t, was car sales and car repairs. Businesses and individuals still need to be able to travel and transport goods, and cars still break or need to be serviced. 

It is just another one of those industries whose business may have slowed down slightly, but couldn’t be shut all together. This seems to have been the case for most industries and businesses that provided highly specialised skills. 

These aren’t all the industries that were able to survive a pandemic, but these are definitely the biggest ones that were not only able to survive, but thrive. They were also able to adapt and improve their processes for the world we now live in. 

It is obviously possible to work in a business that isn’t pandemic proof and then implement systems that allow for it to happen, it just requires a lot of forethought. 


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