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Independent oil supplier partners with Shell to help clean up the UK’s agriculture sector

by LLB staff reporter
8th Aug 23 7:07 am

The UK’s only independently-run oil supplier is transitioning to alternative fuel sources thanks to a distribution partnership with the global energy giant. 

North East based oil distributor, Your NRG, has entered into a major partnership with Shell to help provide their alternative GTL Fuel to agriculture businesses across the country. 

The gas-to-liquid ‘GTL’ Fuel includes far fewer harmful materials than standard crude oils, resulting in a cleaner burn, reduced emissions, and better starting performance. 

The company, who deliver over 300 million litres of fuel to homes and businesses across the country, have said that the partnership with Shell is a major step towards their own environmental goals in line with the UK’s net zero ambitions.

According to Shell, GTL fuel can result in up to 37% reduction in NOx (nitrogen oxide) pollution for public transport vehicles, and up to 90% reduction in particulate matter for other machinery such as tractors and cultivators. 

Commercial Director at Your NRG, Lee Reason, noted that being an ‘Authorised Distributor’ of the cleaner GTL fuel is a ‘big step for the future fuels market’ in the UK and will go a long way to ‘reduc[ing] harmful emissions’. 

“We believe that Shell’s GTL Fuel will play an important role in the transition to creating a cleaner, greener future for all, as we work towards achieving our ambitious 2050 net zero goals.”

Further benefits of GTL Fuel include:

  • High performance cetane level improves starting conditions in cold temperatures 
  • Noise reduction in some engines as a result of more uniformed combustion
  • Readily biodegradable and non-toxic

Though an efficient fuel source, diesel is also known for its high sulphur content and emitting of particulate matter, both of which result in adverse effects on health and air quality. The GTL alternative fuel minimises these adverse effects whilst boasting the same efficiency as standard diesel.

Shell GTL Fuel Commercial Manager Nabeel Uddin added: “We are pleased to partner with Your NRG as our latest branded reseller of Shell GTL Fuel. It will enable more UK customers to access Shell’s synthetic fuel to help reduce harmful tailpipe emissions.”

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