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Importance of colours and fonts in digital marketing

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31st Mar 21 11:10 am

Digital marketing is about more than just getting your page to rank, it deals with a whole lot more. There is a lot that needs to considered when it comes to digital marketing, and part of those many things includes font and colour. That is why today, we want to look at the importance of fonts and colours when it comes to digital marketing.

1. User experience

Digital marketing deals with the online side of marketing. And as such, you want to make sure that all the clients that you reach out to are able to access as well as use your online site. That is where the aspect of fonts and colours comes in.

With the right fonts and colours, you are able either to attract or to repel clients. This is because on a website you want your users to be able to read and understand your content. And the best way that they can do that is through the right usage of the fonts and colours.

2. Bounce rate

When dealing with digital marketing another aspect that you have to consider is the bounce rate. This is how fast or rather how long a user takes on your site. This may seem like it has nothing to do with fonts and colours, but it has everything to do with them.

The main reason being that without proper fronts and colours one cannot stay on your site like machine sous en ligne. Have you ever opened a site and found the colours are too bright or the font is too small? You would literally leave the site as soon as you got there.

That is why even online casinos gaming websites have set colours and fonts that they use. They want to be able to attract users and keep them on their sites.


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