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How your business can stay protected against ransomware

by John Saunders
13th Jul 22 10:46 am

Running a business presents many challenges. One of these is to avoid falling victim to the numerous security threats that exist. As technology advances, so does the approach cybercriminals take in an effort to infiltrate business systems.


In the present day, one of the most common tactics they use is ransomware. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of cyberattack, ransomware, in its basic format, infiltrates a system and encrypts certain files. To regain access to these files – ones that are essential for a business to operate – a ransom demand has to be paid.

There are numerous ransomware variants around, so it’s more important than ever to stay protected against this type of attack. Below are a few tips to keep in mind.

Teach your employees

A strong security system is your first line of defense against ransomware threats, right? While this is true, it also stands side-by-side with your employees. You can have the most robust system in place, but it can be breached with ease due to a case of human error. All it takes is for a worker to click on the wrong link or download a dodgy attachment for that ransomware to rear its ugly head.

This is why it’s important to teach your employees about the dangers out there. When they know about the ransomware warning signs and safe approaches to take, this can massively reduce the potential threat.

Email filtering

In most cases, ransomware lands on the doorstep of a business network through an email. This email can include an attachment or phishing link, and once this is downloaded or clicked, the door is open for the ransomware to walk through.

With the dangers of emails like these, it makes sense to incorporate email filtering. This software analyses incoming emails and decides which ones are legit and which are potential spam. Ultimately, it filters through phishing content and keeps it away from your employees.

Backup your data

If ransomware finds its way beyond your security measures, this leaves you in a sticky situation. You have to deal with the problem before it impacts the day-to-day running of your business, but you also want to avoid letting the cybercriminals win – and blowing a hole through your finances – by paying the ransom.

This is why preparing for the worst-case scenario is vital. A key step in doing this is performing regular backups. With daily, weekly, and monthly backups, all stored in multiple locations, it’s possible to restore your impacted data.

Use antivirus software

It’s an obvious point, yes, but don’t underestimate the importance of utilising antivirus software. You don’t want to simply use any old software you come across, either. You should select one that offers extensive features, including protection for devices that are brought in and used by employees.

Aside from using a reputable, versatile antivirus software package, it’s also imperative it is kept up to date across your entire business network. The older the version, the less likely it knows how to deal with the latest ransomware threats.

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