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How to steep an e-liquid, harness the potential of your e-juice

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28th Jan 19 1:51 pm

First of all, let’s start by giving a definition of what is steeping an e-liquid. Generally speaking, the term means putting something solid in water to soften, for the purpose of extracting its flavour. In the vaping world, this refers to ageing your e-juice.

Just like alcohol, letting the liquid age leads to an enhanced flavour. In the next sentences, we’ll talk about the different ways of achieving this. Steeping is a process that takes a specific amount of time, which allows the ingredients – flavourings, PV/VG and nicotine, to blend. Furthermore, some liquids contain small amounts of alcohol that must evaporate during this process.

Why should I do this?

We believe that it is essential when creating your own vape juice. The ageing process provides an improved taste as ingredients mix perfectly over time.

Even when you buy a liquid from the store, you can’t be sure that it was steeped appropriately. Most products made after the order are fresh and the substances require time to provide you with the taste you want.

How to steep juice?

Genuinely, the whole process can be broken into three main categories: steeping, breathing and streathing, whereas the last one is a combination of the first two methods.

For the purpose of steeping the juice, you must place your e-liquid bottles in a cool and dark place. Shake the bottles from time to time to speed up the process. Note that, shaking them doesn’t mean that the liquid would be ready in a few hours. The reality is that the process takes time.

How to breathe e-juice

Many people confuse both processes because they are similar. Breathing requires that you take the cap off for a few hours. This would speed up the process of alcohol evaporation, which is necessary to have a finished product.

Allow the liquid to breathe for no more than twelve hours. Leaving it for longer might actually spoil the product.

How to “streath” e-liquid?

Streathing is the combination of both, where you shake the bottles and then run them through warm water. Then, you place the bottle in a cool and dark place for two hours. Afterwards, put the cap on and shake them again.

Heating the bottle turns the vegetable glycerin in propylene glycol. According to studies, this would enhance the flavourings considerably and the glycerin will return to its normal state.

How long does it take?

This depends on the taste you aim for and what kind of juice are you making. Our tests have shown that fruity flavours require a day or two before they are finally ready. On the other hand are the creamy and tobacco flavours, which require a more extensive period of at least two weeks.

The whole process is required to reach the full potential of the flavouring agents. Once it tastes appropriate to you, then it’s ready for vaping. While some people steep their juices for few weeks only, others let them blend for months. In the end, it is all up to you!.

When purchasing a juice from the store, check the labels to see when it was mixed and when is the expiration day. Most juices have a recommended expiry date of two years, so knowing when it was mixed will tell you whether it needs steeping at all.

Can you speed steep e-liquid?

Genuinely, the steeping process depends on your taste preferences. Many people prefer to vape freshly mixed juice, while others take their time patiently to finalise the product.

Recently, there have been various theories that should speed the steeping process. However, we can’t give any guarantees of the following methods. Use them only if you feel like experimenting with your fluids.

The bath method: Fill up a sink, bathtub or a bowl with warm water. For those unaware, warm water means that you can put your hand inside and feel comfortable. Place the bottles in a plastic bag and let them sink.

The cooker method: By using a slow cooker, you can set up a consistent temperature for a specific period of time. Fill it up with water and set it on a low heat setting. Then place the bottles in a bag and shake them from time to time.

The magnetic stirrer: Put the liquid in a large glass container and place a magnetic stirrer on top of it. Then allow the stirrer to do its magic and blend the flavours effectively.

These are the main methods for speeding up the whole process, but there are hundreds of creative variations all over the Internet. Of course, not all ideas are bright ones, so you have to do your own research before picking an appropriate one.

Remember that you need to control the heat because excessive temperature levels will alter the taste.

Final words

It doesn’t matter whether you’re making your own juice or you’ve purchased it from a specialised store – steeping might be the final detail to provide it with a unique taste.

Note that, this is a technique that would enhance the taste of an already good juice. But it will not make a bad juice – better. If you’ve been steeping the juice for a couple of months and the taste doesn’t improve, then it won’t get better ever.

If you’re not into the do-it-yourself methodology, then you’d want to buy a premium product. Recently, Beard Vape Co released a series of premium e-liquids that feature only high quality ingredients and great taste. Make your friends jealous and order Beard online from VapeCraft Inc.

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