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How to make the most of a day trip to London

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25th Jun 21 10:32 am

Ah, the sights, the sounds, the energy! There is much to do and see in London, but how do you make the most of the independent shops and cobbled streets of the city if you only have a day?

With these helpful tips and tricks, like securing hourly parking in convenient locations, you can maximise your time and minimise hassle while you’re exploring London. Temperatures are rising in Big Smoke this summer, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting landmarks like the London Eye and the British Museum.

London day trips: What to do in London

With so much to explore in London, you’ll want to hit as many hotspots as possible during your day trip. Plan your day around locations within close proximity to each other. After just a short walk, you’ll have made your way from the popular independent shops of Covent Garden to the notable centre of London at Leicester Square.

Here are a few visit-worthy locations in London, if you’ve only got a day:

    • Amble through Trafalgar Square. Slip onto Carnaby Street to see the charm of this little shopping area for yourself.
    • Stop for lunch in London’s Chinatown. Within walking distance from Leicester Square, Chinatown takes up a few streets and offers authentic and cheap eats!
    • Visit the National Gallery for free. See works of art by Vincent van Gogh and many more, all for the low, low price of £0.
  • Dive into a local pub. While you’re in London, you won’t want to miss out on fish and chips and a cold pint to cool you down in the summer heat.
  • Schedule an afternoon tea. If beer and fried food don’t tickle your fancy, have high tea instead, complete with a tea of your choosing and finger foods fit for royalty. And speaking of royalty….
  • Walk along The Mall to Buckingham Palace. You can cross two sites off of your list by walking through the lovely St James Park, just off of The Mall.

With only a day in London, be prepared to plan your trip around places that are neighbouring one another so that you can experience the most from your day trip. A walk along The Mall just makes sense if you’ve been dying to see Buckingham Palace, because you’ll also be able to find St James Lake just by crossing the street.

While travelling can get expensive, especially if you’re pausing at major tourist attractions, there are plenty of ways to get around the upcharges of food and drink in places like Covent Garden. It’s only about a five- or 10-minute walk to Chinatown, where you can dine on delicious food for a fraction of what you’d pay in more bustling tourist locations like Trafalgar Square.

As the day comes to a close, pop over to Shoreditch for a taste of this area’s trendy nightlife and popular pubs. Or plan to end your day near Covent Garden as you make opera your last attraction at the Royal Opera House.

Travelling to London

With all of these wonderful sites and stops on your itinerary, you’ll want to plan the quickest and most efficient way to travel to and throughout London, so save time and money on your day trip.

By car

Driving to London offers you the convenience and flexibility of having your own vehicle throughout your trip. Come and go as you please, especially when you book short-term or hourly parking through easy-to-use services like Stashbee. You’ll be happy to know it’s cheaper than typical car parks, making it quite the favourable option.

By train

The most centrally located railway terminus, Victoria, connects travellers to Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, while offering plenty of transportation options throughout Central London and beyond.

Whether you’re planning your summer day trip to London by train or automobile, you won’t want to miss out on the fun the city has to offer. To save time and money (and get the most out of your visit), we recommend driving in and booking short-term parking in convenient locations.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do and see in London, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Share this article with the person you’re planning your day trip to London with, and start planning your itinerary today!

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