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How to choose the right electric motor

19th Jul 17 3:27 pm

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Nowadays you can find DC and AC electric motors used almost everywhere, from home uses to cars and industrial plants. They represent an important source of power for our daily lives. They are different in a lot of ways, but both types are useful in powering various types of machines. On the market you can find almost any type of electric motor, starting with small electric ones, high torque ones, asynchronous, 12V cheap ones or electric motors with gears. But the problem here is how to choose the right electric motor?


This is one of the most essential specs of a machine or engine. As powerjackmotion.com advises us, we have to be informed about the output torque for the equipment we choose. Make sure you have access to this information before buying an electric motor.


This is yet another factor you have to take into account. The more efficient a motor is, the higher the quality. All in all, quality, efficiency and the cost have to be considered together in order to assess the overall performance of the motor.

Voltage, Current and Speed

Knowing a thing or two about the machine you need the electric motor for can help you decide faster. The voltage, current and speed are important factors when deciding on a motor. Even if you’re not an expert with this, you can ask at the shop and the people there will help you decide for the best.


Depending on the purpose for which you want to buy the motor, you have to find the right model. Having an expertise before spending your money can make all the difference in the world, so make sure you choose the best retailer.

Choose the Right Horsepower

Though it can be really tempting to choose a horsepower bigger than you actually need, you should focus on your purpose. In order to assess the right horsepower, you can use the following formula: horsepower = torque x speed/ 5250. Remember that the torque is in lb-ft, while the speed is in rpm.


Yet another thing you have to take into account is inertia. Especially during startup, inertia is really important. Every load represents a certain value of inertia. However, depending on what you need the engine for, you must choose the adequate motor. For instance, ball mills, punch presses, gearboxes with large rolls, crushers or certain types of pumps need higher starting torques because they have a huge mass of elements that rotate.


All in all, it’s not that easy to choose the right electric motor. Keep in mind the above factors and check them off the list before spending money on a particular motor.

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