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How to choose the best life coach in London

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10th Jun 19 2:13 pm

In a world dominated by social media, it often seems that everyone out there is claiming to be a life coach of some sort trying to make some easy money on the side. So how can one weed out the best ones from so many choices? How does one choose a life coach that is the best for them?

If you live in London and are seeking the services of a life coach the first thing that you must determine is whether a life coach is really what you need. Coaching can often be confused with mentorship or therapy but these disciplines are unique in their own right.

Coaching focuses more on positivity and action-oriented processes to create sustainable change. In other words, a life coach helps you reach your inner potential and the best ones have helped many individuals achieve their goals and beat their inner demons. If this is what you are seeking than here are some of the best ways to choose a life coach in London.

Training & certification

Anyone can technically claim to be a life coach as if does not require any formal training or certification. However, being a life coach requires extensive knowledge and expertise on all aspects of body and mind. The best life coaches are often trained by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and utilize scientifically proven coaching models to help you achieve your life goals. The more training and certifications a life coach has the better the methodologies and programs offered are likely to be.

Experience & biography

Nothing beats experience. Regardless of how much training a life coach can claim to have, without experience, it counts for nothing. It is also always a good idea to get to know a life coach by meeting them first hand and inquiring a bit about their own lifestyle and why they chose to be a life coach. The best life coaches are successful and intelligent individuals who have vast experience in consulting, coaching and guiding individuals to achieve their set objectives.

Coaching style

Every coach has a different coaching style. Some are a lot more verbal, active and loud while others are passive and easy going. Determining what style of coach you believe would be the most ideal for you is important and the best way to do that is to meet several life coaches before choosing one that is just right.

Methodologies & programs

Asking a life coach about the different methodologies and programs that we would use to help you achieve your goals is a great way to determine whether the person really knows what they are doing. The best life coaches will structure programs tailored specifically to help you grow and discover your true self. Ensure that the methodology or program offered is a proven and accredited training technique that will help you reach your goals.

The best life coach in London

The best life coach London for you could be anyone with the required experience and skills. This is why it is important to do your research and find a life coach that has a coaching style you like, is vastly experienced, trained and certified, and fits within your budget.

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