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How to choose the best Bitcoin trading bots

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4th Jan 21 2:35 pm

Are you a beginner intending to invest in bitcoin but don’t know about how to trade? If your answer is yes, you don’t need to worry because there are online tools to work on your behalf. Many cryptocurrencies use software trading tools like bitcoin prime uk, which conducts the business with minimal hassles. So you shouldn’t get stuck if you have the passion for starting trading with minimal knowledge. But there are numerous trading bots in the market, and you may get confused in choosing the right one. Therefore, arming yourself with knowledge is the first step if you want to make the right decision. This guideline gives you informative tips and tricks for choosing the right trading software in the market. Please, stay tuned for more information.

What are trading bots

Digital trading bots are computer software that automatically buys or sells multiple virtual currencies at the correct time, intending to generate a profit for an investor. It’s critical to note that not all bots are profitable, hence understanding the factors you need to consider before choosing one.

The trading bots are programmed to execute trades when market conditions are favorable to the software’s predetermined parameters. The bots can interpret multiple market signals such as orders, volume, and price.

How do bitcoin trading bots work

The trading software has three main components and understanding how each part works can help you know how the bots work. Each piece is highlighted and explained below:

  • Signal Generator: this section provides the predictions. After providing information, the signal generator can either deliver a buy or sell signal.
  • Risk allocation: this component picks up the buy or sell signal and determines how much to purchase. For example, it can decide whether to allocate the whole capital to the trade or its portion.
  • Execution: If you’ve got massive to buy in one go, you may not want to do it in a single trade as this would result in unfavorable prices.

Each of the three parts mentioned above requires its unique algorithms and optimization procedures. In case you’re dealing with a bot that doesn’t require the components listed above, it may not direct you to attain the desired outcomes.

What is the difference between trading bots and human beings

There are distinct differences between trading bots and manual trading via human beings. The differences revolve around the following aspects:

  • Longevity: whereas trading bots run on a 24/7 basis, human beings can get tired and sleep.
  • Speed: Bots move faster than human beings. When you want to trade quickly and make a kill in your investments, it’s essential to choose the bots.
  • Emotionless: humans are emotional beings and may be driven by fear and greed. The bots use statistics to make decisions and are likely to win big time.
  • Capacity: the bots process data within seconds and deliver outcomes fast. However, human beings may take time to process the same information.

What are the main pros of using trading bots

There are various perks of using the trading software. These include:

  • High efficiency: the bots can evaluate massive chunks of data and make the right decisions. They’re incredibly efficient and can work within the shortest time to deliver results. In the world of bitcoin, time is of the essence, and the way you use it can determine your success or failure. The software can save the time that human beings may require to take calculated risks.
  • Trading on a 24/7 basis: human beings are limited by what they can accomplish. They get fatigued, sleep at night, and need time to relax. Trading bots can keep trading in 24/7 to ensure that you don’t miss any chance of making a profit.
  • Lack of emotions: while trading, human beings may allow their feelings to prevail, and this may cause mistakes. The trading bots, however, don’t show emotions while conducting their trades. They objectively analyze available data to make objective decisions.
  • It’s simple to enter the industry: beginners who intend to invest in the bitcoin sector may encounter a challenging start, especially if they don’t have sufficient information. If you use the trading bots, however, you’ll overcome this challenge.

Points to consider before choosing a bitcoin trading app

Before choosing the software, pay attention to the following aspects:


Bitcoin trading apps that offer high-quality services are likely to enjoy raving reviews from clients. So it’s critical to find out the standing of the software among past clients.

You can also check the reputation of the software by reading the latest news about bitcoin trading software. Reputable apps are likely to feature on these updates.

Rookie traders can also find in-depth information about the apps by checking on reputable platforms like Reddit.


Although Bitcoin is a safe digital currency, malicious individuals may want to conduct high technology steals. Due to that, you should ensure that the bots you use are manipulation-proof.

Before choosing any bitcoin trading software, it’s essential to find out the tool’s security features. Each trading app has its safety protocols revolving around various aspects. Equip yourself with knowledge of how these security features operate to protect your financial and personal data.

A highly secure platform, for example, provides two-factor authentication security protocols. And in case the software you choose doesn’t have this feature, you shouldn’t buy it because you risk exposing your information to scammers.


While some software comes for free, others charge some fees. The paid-up tool may offer outstanding solutions than the free one. However, before rushing to pay, it helps to find out the quality of services it delivers. Some bots may charge massive amounts and end up providing inferior services.


While conducting business online, trust is a crucial factor that you need to consider. Therefore, the trading bots you choose should be trustworthy. You need to check various reviews to determine the best bots that can offer a reliable solution. For a long time, companies that have been in the market that can rely on superior bots.

You can also evaluate the reliability of the bots by ensuring that they continue trading within 24/4. In case the bots keep going offline or suffer from other technical issues, you may fail to attain your objectives with it.


It’s terrible if you find that you’ve chosen a shady company. Therefore, it’s critical to keenly evaluate the company and find out how they conduct their business. Most high-quality reviews inform people how various companies in their listings work to deliver services. Some companies offering these bots will provide you with a free trial to understand how their bots work. Make a decision based on the tests you’ve conducted.


Besides trustworthiness and transparency, you should also determine the company’s profitability by offering the bots. A company can be trustworthy but fail to provide you with the best returns on your investment. And investing your money on a company with low returns shouldn’t be your interest. It’s advisable to go for a company that has a vibrant strategy to enable you to get the best gains from your investment. Such companies inform their clients on how they apply their bots to deliver profits for their investors.

Overall experience

Companies that have been in the market for a long have the experience and technology to deliver the best trading bots to their clients. Such companies have learned what the market requires and have invested in technology that can provide desirable outcomes. In addition to the standard features, bots of experienced companies have additional features that give their clients the upper hand in the bitcoin business.

Simplicity of use

The simplicity of use is an essential aspect you should consider before purchasing trading bots. You don’t need to struggle to understand complicated IT vocabularies, especially if you’re not an IT guru. Your primary interest is to select bots that are easy to use to make your life bearable. Most companies listed in reviews have bots that are simple to use and suitable for both experienced and rookie investors.

A trading bot with an intuitive interface will make your work simple. Additionally, ensure that the bots have 24/7 customer support service that resolves bug issues fast.

What is the experience level of senior leaders of the firm

You can be sure of getting exceptional results from managers who have administered over $100m with outstanding results. Such a firm has the best bots because of the experience and skills of senior managers.

Get recommendation

There is the likelihood that you know some cryptocurrency traders who are using digital currency trading robots. It’s vital to seek recommendations from such users about the best digital currency trading robots. If possible, get as many suggestions as possible and analyze them to find the ones suitable for your case.

Final thoughts

Bitcoin trading can be a strenuous exercise that requires time and commitment. Because human beings are limited in what they can do, it’s essential to consider using bitcoin trading robots. This guideline explores some of the factors that you need to consider before choosing a bitcoin trading app.


The above information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by London Loves Business and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making (or refraining from making) any investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision.

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