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How professional carpet cleaning improves the air quality of your home

by John Saunders
7th Sep 21 5:15 pm

We all know that having a professional clean of a carpet can bring a new lease of life to it.  A good clean makes carpets brighter, removes difficult stains and gets rid of nasty odours – but what if there was another huge benefit that you hadn’t even considered before?

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that professional carpet cleaning could actually improve the air quality in your home, and this could even provide health benefits to those living there! Read on to find out more about how having your carpets cleaned could have these unexpected benefits.

What gets trapped in carpets?

Carpets endure a lot of activity on a daily basis, and everything that comes into contact with them is able to make them dirty in some way.  Even when you cannot see it yourself, particles of dirt and dust are constantly being trapped in the fibres of the carpet from shoes, spillages of food and drink, pets as well as much more.  Furthermore, anything brought in from the outdoor world has the capacity to embed various pollutants from the air into your carpet which can have a negative impact on your health.

Is my dirty carpet bad for my health?

Due to the fact that you cannot see the particles that are in your carpet, it might be easy to think that they cannot be negatively impacting you and others living in your home.  However, the dirt that becomes embedded in carpets can pose a risk to your health, particularly in terms of bacteria, hidden mould or dust mites.  These can all exacerbate allergies or produce bacteria that can make you unwell – if they are in your carpet, then they are in the air you breathe too.

How does carpet cleaning help?

When you regularly clean your carpet and then opt for an additional professional clean, you are removing these harmful particles from the carpet and therefore from the air inside your home.  Even with vacuuming alone, there will be things that cannot be removed in this way, and therefore hiring a professional to clean your carpet for you is the best option for improving the air quality of your home.

We recommend hiring a professional to clean your carpets at least twice a year to ensure that nothing harmful is hiding in them and polluting the air inside your home.  Having a professional cleaning of your carpets is absolutely essential to making sure you are breathing clean air that isn’t going to negatively impact your health.  As well as the safety aspects of doing this, having your carpet cleaned is also going to keep your home smelling fresh and your carpets looking bright and fresh so your home is always looking its best! Stop searching for ‘best carpet cleaner to hire’ and start searching for a professional service.

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