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How Budgeting Loan and PIP number helps people with proper information

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5th Dec 18 5:45 pm

Running out of money? Don’t know how to pay the school fees of your children? Doing a low paid job?

Wait! Don’t lose hope when you can fulfill all day-to-day necessities of your family and kids. Even you can pay for your furniture, clothing, housing and moving cost without asking help from your relatives and friends.

Thinking how can it be possible? It is possible with the budgeting loan system in spite of being going for an unsecured Loans one should follow a systematic way of loan terms to avoid unnecessary things to be happen in near future.

What budgeting loan is and Its benefits

Yes, if you are living in the UK and you are under the UK benefits system then budgeting loan option works for you. Budgeting loan is nothing but extra money that you can avail on UK benefits system. If you are skeptical about taking budgeting loan then pay a look at the benefits of budgeting loan.

  • You can pay for your personal needs.
  • You can pay the rent for your house and also pay for moving cost.
  • You can expend for your home improvement, taking new home at tenants, for safety and maintenance for own home.
  • You can pay for your children’s upbringing.
  • You can pay for maternity need or funeral need.
  • You can expand for the purpose of traveling (Travelling has to be for a valid reason and job purpose)
  • You can also pay for new furniture, personal things like clothing, footwear and so on.
  • You can pay for your household essentials.

It is as simple as mentioned above. Though, you need to pay back the amount within a hundred and four weeks.

There is a condition to be fulfilled to get the budgeting loan. Whether you are qualified to get budgeting loan or not, you need to confirm it first. You can call in budgeting loan number 0843 455 0031 to clear and clarify your quarries and doubts.


Overview of PIP/Personal Independence Payment

Like budgeting loan, the UK government also provides PIP, i.e. Personal Independence Payment. PIP helps individuals who are in between the age of 16 to 64 but undergoing poor health or living with physical disabilities.

PIP is offered on the basis of need of individual who is going to apply. If you are thinking to apply for PIP then first you need to contact with the Department of Work and Pension. PIP contact number (also called as PIP helpline number) 0843 455 0087 will help to bridge the gap between you and Department of Work and Pensions.

Essential Things to Know Prior to Claim PIP Form

To get the PIP benefits you need to request for the form DS1500. It is really essential to complete the form to get your PIP benefits. In such case, Citizens Advice service helps you totally to fill the PIP claim form.

The PIP is prepared in two forms, one on the basis of daily living need and other on the basis of the mobility factor of the applicant. If you have already applied for PIP then you will be qualified on the basis of your medical condition and assessment.

If you do not want to get PIP support anymore for the present time then you can deny it. Though, you can apply for the same when you need it again.

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